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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: October 5, 2015   |  Tags:   Product News
endoscope cleaner

Endoscope Cleaner Pushes and Pulls Fluid

Through Scope and Channels at Fierce Velocity
Until now, endoscopes and other reusable medical devices have been cleaned in machines that push water and disinfectants through them at a high pressure in a one-way flow, like using a garden hose. Some say this is ineffective in eliminating all residues because the instruments' geometries are complex, and the water can't push through all the curves and corners with sufficient force to scrub them clean. Any bacteria remaining can infect a patient undergoing a procedure where the instrument is reused, even after cleaning per manufacturer's instructions.

Langford's new LIC cleaning device operates on a totally different basis. The only endoscope cleaner in the world that uses no connectors, it is engineered to generate a fluid dynamic that pushes and pulls fluid at fierce velocity, reversing direction thousands of times through the scope and its channels, inside and out. The LIC's unique, patented technology creates a pressure-controlled, powerful mechanical shear that removes the toughest of soils from both the inside and outside of an instrument. The effect is a powerful scrubbing action on all of the endoscope's surfaces, corners and crevices, says the company.

The device has been engineered in response to the recent superbug infections associated with duodenoscopes. In February 2015, U.S. health officials issued a safety warning on a duodenoscope that was linked to transmission of a drug-resistant superbug known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE. CRE infections contributed to the deaths of 2 patients at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Eleven patient deaths were also linked to CRE at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle after duodenoscope procedures between 2012 and 2014. In both cases, the hospitals were found to have cleaned the scopes properly, according to approved protocol. However, that protocol has proven insufficient.

The first LIC cleaning machine will ship to UCLA as soon as the hospital has installed the necessary utilities. Commercialization is imminent, says the company.

raised silicone fingers on this mat cushion

Cushion and Protect Delicate
Instruments During Sterilization

The raised silicone fingers on this mat cushion and protect delicate surgical instruments during sterilization, storage and transportation. You place the mat inside the sterilization tray. Perforations along the mat's bottom help with steam and air circulation, which makes for better sterilization and drying of instruments, says Key Surgical. You can tailor the Silicone Finger Mat to fit a wide variety of sterilization trays; it comes as an 18" by 10" sheet that you can use intact or cut to size.

manual cleaning at lower temperature

A Detergent for Manual
Cleaning at Lower Temps

Formulated for manual cleaning at lower temperatures, Getinge USA's Renuzyme Ultra detergent is also suited for use in washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners. Its combination of next-generation lipase and protease enzymes rapidly digest a wide range of protein- and lipid-based soils, and an innovative surfactant makes it ideal for decontaminating complex instruments. The non-clouding, low-foaming, dye- and fragrance-free solution is made from readily biodegradable components and contains no known carcinogens, heavy metals, phosphates or other hazardous materials for employee and environmental safety. Plus, its highly concentrated formulation keeps cost-per-use economical.

Tri-Pull Secure Shoulder Solution

Precise Distraction for
Enhanced Joint Access

Now your surgeons can reposition patients precisely within the sterile field without help from an assistant with the Tri-Pull Secure Shoulder Solution from Innovative Sports Medicine. The device is designed for enhanced joint access during shoulder and elbow arthroscopies performed in the lateral position. The Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner provides 3 planes of adjustment (rotation, horizontal and vertical), the Phase 4 Gel Split adheres to the patient's arm and contours naturally to the wrist for comfort and safety, and the De Mayo RoTractor holds the patient's arm in fixed positions, allowing for distraction of the shoulder or elbow.

TRU-Vu's 24-inch LCD video displays

Large, High-Definition
View From Nearly Every Angle

TRU-Vu's 24-inch LCD video displays and touch screens provide high-definition color images that can be seen clearly from almost any angle (178 ? by 178 ?) in the OR. The MMZBTP-24 Series also includes a projected capacitive-type touch screen, which enables it to be activated with surgical gloves or exposed fingers. You can mount both models on any boom or medical cart, and both offer VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, so they're compatible with endoscopic and laparoscopic cameras, as well as a wide range of other medical imaging systems, says the company.