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Ideas That Work: Shooting Hoops
Basketball Breaks Keep Things Loose
OSD Staff
Publish Date: September 3, 2015   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
shooting hoops for bragging rights HOOPS FUN Taking shots for bragging rights is a simple way for staff to have a few minutes of fun and blow off some steam.

Shooting Hoops
Basketball Breaks Keep Things Loose

My OR coordinator tries to relieve some of the inherent stressors of busy OR days by getting the staff together for a "free throw" game when there's downtime. The trash receptacle is the "basket." Staff members take turns shooting a small toy basketball, and the person who makes the most baskets wins. They play for pride, not prizes. It's just a great way for the staff to take a breather and relate on a fun level.

Judy Harless, MBA, CASC
SMI Surgery Center
San Diego, Calif.
[email protected]