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Upgrade Your GI Service With These Products
7 innovations that can make endoscopy more efficient.
David Bernard, Aurora Pryor
Publish Date: September 3, 2015   |  Tags:   Gastroenterology
gastrointestinal cases

The effectiveness of a colonoscopy is largely determined by its ability to detect polyps, but the twists and turns of difficult anatomy, not to mention the obstructions of substandard bowel preps, can occasionally make that a high bar to clear. Recent innovations for gastrointestinal cases let providers see more of the colon's surface, see the colon's surface better and navigate through it with ease to deliver safe and successful screenings. They also complete the process by automating documentation and ensuring thorough scope turnarounds. Here's an overview of 7 products that might make a big difference to your GI service.

— David Bernard

use Generation 2

Fuse Generation 2
The idea of a flexible endoscope with side-view mirrors was beyond the realm of possibility. Then EndoChoice's Fuse (Full Spectrum Endoscopy) System used 3 lenses and 3 monitors to deliver wide-angle colonoscopic imaging. Its Generation 2 upgrade has improved on the features that matter most to surgeons: visualization, control and the feel of the scope. The 330-degree field of view is now displayed as one integrated image on a single screen, in 4K Ultra HD. The insertion tube has been slimmed down without reducing the size or losing the functionality of its instrument channel, and stiffened for more tactile feedback, better handling and less looping. A software update offers greater optical quality and image stability.

Jet Prep Endoscopic Flushing Device

Jet Prep Endoscopic Flushing Device
Even when patients follow bowel prep directions to the letter, residual matter sometimes remains in the colon, obscuring the view. Medivators' Jet Prep provides high-pressure, multi-directional irrigation to clear and aspirate suboptimal preps, GI bleeding or other obstructions to increase visualization. The system's disposable tubing threads through the working channel of all manufacturers' scopes, and can backflush the channel when needed. Its foot-pedal controlled pump can optionally warm the water for irrigation. Company reps say the $50 in supply costs that Jet Prep requires per use more than pays for the prevention of postponed or canceled cases.

NaviAid ABC

Smart Medical Systems
NaviAid ABC
Challenging anatomy can stop a colonoscopy in its tracks. NaviAid ABC (Advancing Balloon for Colonoscopy) from Smart Medical Systems can guide flexible endoscopes through difficult cases. When needed, the disposable balloon catheter is deployed through the instrument channel of any standard scope and advanced past the challenging bowel segment. Inflating the balloon anchors it and pleats the bowel to shorten it. The scope can then advance as if riding a rail, covering the distance quickly and safely, and straightening any loops that have formed. This process can be repeated throughout the colonoscopy. The catheters cost about $228 each, and the NaviAid Spark2C inflation system lists at $7,800.


US Endoscopy
EndoRings from US Endoscopy offers an approach to improved colonoscopy visualization without an investment in and implementation of elaborate technology. A flexible sleeve formed with 3 circular layers fits over the distal end of most Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm scopes to gently flatten mucosa folds during withdrawal and center the scope, for an unobstructed view and potentially increased polyp detection rate. The add-ons, available for standard and slim/pediatric size scopes, cost $150 for a box of 5.

ProVation MD

ProVation Medical
ProVation MD
Used by more than 1,400 gastro facilities nationwide, ProVation Medical's ProVation MD documentation and coding system streamlines the procedure-to-billing process for faster, more complete payments and data reporting. The system automates the creation of image-enhanced, coder-ready operative notes, complete with all relevant CPT and ICD codes (including ICD-10 functionality), to replace dictation and transcription and to prevent under-coding. The system also organizes quality data for efficient reporting to the GIQuIC registry and benchmarking programs.

Dragontail Microfiber Channel Brush

Cygnus Medical
Dragontail Microfiber Channel Brush
Designed for pull-through cleaning of flexible endoscopes and other lumened instruments, Cygnus's Dragontail channel brush uses microfiber materials to capture microscopic contamination. The cleaning element, made up of multiple, lint-free microfiber strands, is able to detach and remove particles as small as 4 microns in size, which, the company notes, is more effective than bristled brushes. The Dragontail is available with two leader lengths, depending on the width of the channel to be cleaned.

ATP Complete Contamination Monitoring System

ATP Complete
Contamination Monitoring System

Infectious outbreaks sparked by endoscope cross-contamination have put GI centers and their reprocessing staffs on high alert. But how can they be sure that their diligent decontamination efforts are enough to eliminate bioburden? Ruhof's ATP Complete Contamination Monitoring System can verify how effectively endoscopes and other instruments have been cleaned. Here's how it works. After high-level disinfection, a sponge is swabbed through the scope channel and photochemically analyzed by a handheld device. In 15 seconds, the device detects and measures the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) — ?a compound found in all organic matter, and a signal of biological contamination — ?on the sponge. This data can be downloaded and collected for tracking and process improvement.