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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 2, 2016   |  Tags:   Product News
povidone-iodine nasal swabs

Decolonize Patients' Noses With Swabs
How about using povidone-iodine nasal swabs to decolonize patients' noses instead of costly antibiotics that may contribute to bacterial resistance? Pre-saturated swabs from Clorox kill up to 99.4% of Staphylococcus aureus, a leading cause of surgical site infections, says the company. While some methods of nasal decolonization can require patients to apply an antibiotic ointment for up to 5 days pre-operatively, Clorox Nasal Antiseptic Swabs are easy to use. You simply swab the patient 1 hour before surgery with the 4 ready-to-use swabs contained in the kit.

minimal residual astigmatism

Precisely Place Premium IOLs
Help your ophthalmic surgeons achieve minimal residual astigmatism in their premium IOL patients with the IOLcompass Pro intraocular lens positioning system. The software-based guidance system from Leica Microsystems in partnership with TrueVision Systems provides stable and accurate guidance throughout premium IOL procedures, letting surgeons perform astigmatism corrections with the highest level of accuracy, says the company. Auto registration algorithms align generated guidance templates to the live surgical image via recognition of the patterns of the limbus and scleral blood vessel structures for real-time eye tracking throughout the procedure.

properly decontaminated

Are Your Instruments Ready for Sterilization?
What if your reprocessing techs could know whether instruments are properly decontaminated and ready for sterilization? They can with ProReveal from Ultra Clean Systems, an on-the-spot check that uses fluorescent digital imaging to detect less than 50 nanograms of residual protein remaining on surgical instruments after the washer-disinfector process. A reprocessing tech sprays an instrument with a non-toxic spray before placing it in the unit's tray. In less than 5 minutes, the ProReveal provides a pass-or-fail assessment and produces a 3D rendering that displays where protein remains along the instrument's surface.

repositions excessive adipose

Adhesive Retractor Fully Exposes Procedural Site
Wouldn't it be nice if OR team members don't have to manipulate and hold up the pannus during surgery on obese patients? The Retentus Hipster Retractor repositions excessive adipose away from the surgical site so staff don't have to. The adhesive retractor from GSquared Medical takes less than a minute to apply on patients with BMIs from 30 to 64, says the company, which adds that it comes in right and left hip configurations, and doesn't impede diaphragmatic excursion.

high-resolution colonoscopes

Give Your GI Docs a High-Resolution View
Two high-resolution colonoscopes from Fujifilm promise to improve visualization for your GI physicians. The EC-600HL Standard Video Colonoscope and the EC-600LS Slim Video Colonoscope are equipped with CMOS image-sensor technology, which provides high-resolution video and high-definition still images with less blurring than other scopes, says the company. The lightweight scopes also feature a larger 170?? field of view and a new air-water nozzle for better lens cleaning during procedures.

fluid-absorbent mats

Disposable Absorbent Mats Keep Floors Dry
Protect your OR team from slips and falls with these no-hassle, easy-cleanup, single-use floor mats. The DryMax line of fluid-absorbent mats comes in 4 styles: the small-footprint, fit-anywhere, dual-side absorbent 2.4 Super, the 3-segment, table-length Triple Superabsorbent, the CombiMat with superabsorbent "splash guard" that can easily fold to protect feet or equipment, and the anti-skid, single-side absorbent XL Absorbent.