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Product News
OSD Staff
Publish Date: January 9, 2017   |  Tags:   Supply Management
ingle-use barrier gown

Barrier Gown with Thumb Loops
Here's a single-use barrier gown with thumb loops for particularly messy cases. To protect your surgeons and staff from blood and other potentially infectious materials, this full frontal barrier gown has full-length sleeves with a thumb loop cuff style, along with a tie-back closure type to secure the garment. The gown is made from lightweight latex-free blue recyclable polyolefin.

Scalpel Caddy

A Scalpel Holder That Promotes No Passing
With the Scalpel Caddy, there's no hand-to-hand passing of sharps. A surgeon simply reaches for a scalpel handle from the transparent plastic holder that locks in place on the Mayo stand. Blades sit sharp side down in the chamber, so they're always covered and protected. Unlike the original, the newly redesigned Scalpel Caddy has a universal Mayo stand hook on the back, letting it securely fit onto any style Mayo stand.

spray this bleach

A Bleach That's Safe to Spray on Most Surfaces
You can spray this bleach in more places than ever before. Fuzion is a pH-neutral, highly efficacious form of bleach that won't damage common surfaces, says Clorox Healthcare. It kills Clostridium difficile spores and many other tough-to-kill pathogens in 2 minutes or less, and its low-residue formula leaves surfaces looking clean, not cloudy. You can safely use it on stainless steel, chrome, countertops, sinks, mattress covers, glazed tiles — even finished wood, clear plastics and glass, says the company. Fuzion has a low odor profile, with any mild bleach odor dissipating in minutes.

warming vest

Stay Warm Working in Cold ORs
Nothing's worse than being stuck in a freezing cold OR all day long. Now you can work in comfort by wearing this lightweight warming vest over your scrubs. It's powered by the same HotDog Patient Warming controller used to keep patients warm. The heater insert is made from a flexible conductive fabric that is safely sealed in a urethane shell and can be easily removed to launder the vest. The vest, available in either small or large adjustable sizes, features pockets to hold a phone and folders.

Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump Offers Intermittent Bolus Delivery
The ambIT PIB•PCA combines patient-controlled analgesia, and continuous and intermittent therapies, letting you tailor post-operative local anesthetic infusion therapy to your patients' needs. Inter-mittent boluses can deliver less overall medication while still providing increased relief and lower pain scores. Intermittent bolus delivery lets larger amounts of medication run laterally along an area, covering more space and creating more effective drug delivery and block density. Pending FDA approval.

Personalized Knee Replacement

Personalized Knee Replacement
Your surgeons can perform custom knee replacements when they implant the Vanguard Individual Design (ID), the first implant with dual bearings. Traditional total knee implants feature a one-piece bearing constructed of polyethylene placed between the metal portions of the implant. The Vanguard ID is the only total knee arthroplasty device to incorporate 2 individual polyethylene bearings with different articulations on the medial and lateral sides. The dual bearings allow for unprecedented articulation in the replacement knee. Surgeons can mix and match bearings of differing thickness and geometry so they can maintain natural ligament tension and preserve healthy soft tissue, says Zimmer Biomet.