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Product News
Great Ideas for your OR
OSD Staff
Publish Date: August 11, 2019   |  Tags:   Product News

Spine Surgery Vending Machine

This interactive vending machine houses, tracks and dispenses Xenco Medical’s sterile-packaged spinal instruments and implants. The Wi-Fi-enabled machine uses an advanced elevator-based system to retrieve each Xenco product before dispensing it to be used in surgery.


A Versatile Shoulder Arthroplasty Joint

Your orthopedic surgeons can easily convert from anatomic to reverse shoulder arthroplasty with the AltiVate Reverse Short Stem, the first fully convertible, inlay, short-stem shoulder replacement system. With 4 different stem lengths (48mm, 108mm, 175mm and 220mm) and 2 different shell sizes (36mm and 42mm), the AltiVate Reverse was designed to match patient anatomy for use in total anatomic, total reverse and partial shoulder arthroplasty.


Are Those Scissors Sharp?

Here's a quick and easy way to test your scissors for sharpness. The Latex Free Scissor Test is a 4.5-inch wide, 6-yard roll available in 2 thicknesses: a yellow roll to test scissor blade lengths less than 4.5 inches and a red roll to test scissor blade lengths more than 4.5 inches. How it works: You unroll to the desired length and make a minimum of 2 cuts in the test material. The scissors should cut all the way through to the top of the scissor without catching or snagging.