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Product News
Great ideas for your OR
OSD Staff
Publish Date: January 14, 2019   |  Tags:   Product News
Impermeable Gown

An Impermeable Gown for Reprocessing Techs

Protect your central sterile reprocessing techs from soil and bioburden with this Decontamination Gown from Healthmark. No need for your techs to wear a plastic apron or other secondary protection, as these single-use gowns meet AAMI PB70 Class 4 requirements for liquid-barrier performance while providing high-level strikethrough resistance of detergent cleaning solutions, even when leaning against sinks or other cleaning baths, says the company.


$454.50 (small) to $522.96 (XXXXL)

Vertebral Compression\

Jacking Up Vertebral Compression Fractures

What else but SpineJack would you call a titanium implant that resembles a tiny scissor jack and restores a fractured vertebral body to its normal height? Instead of a kyphoplasty balloon, the surgeon inserts SpineJack into the fractured vertebral body and locks it into the desired expanded position before injecting bone cement to stabilize the restored vertebral body. Two implants are used, one on each side of the vertebral body. Available in Europe for a decade and FDA-approved in September.


IV Cap\s

Alcohol-Impregnated IV Caps Disinfect Your Catheter Connections

No more scrubbing the hub to prevent contamination of IV tubing ends when you use DualCap. When left in place for 30 seconds, the 2 disinfecting caps, each of which contains a medical-grade sponge saturated with isopropyl alcohol, disinfect the needle-free valve and the male luer connector, and provide a physical barrier to contamination, says the company.



Snapchat for Surgery

It’s like Snapchat for surgery. You can send patients’ families real-time texts, photos and videos from the OR — and the updates disappear after 60 seconds. Families feel like they never left their loved one’s side, say the developers of the EASE mobile app. EASE — which stands for Electronic Access Surgery Events — is HIPAA-compliant. Patients’ families don’t have to be in the waiting room to receive the updates. And your surgeons don’t have to leave the OR to deliver them.


Surgical Tape Sti\cks

High-Adhesion Surgical Tape Sticks to (Almost) Everything

Even in challenging conditions such as high-moisture environments and diaphoretic skin, you can be confident that Durapore Advanced Surgical Tape will secure patient tubes and devices, says the company. In testing, Durapore had better adhesion to tubing, stronger adhesion to skin after moisture occurred and had significantly less edge lift.


Joint Arthroplasty Revis\ions

Here's to Fewer Total Joint Arthroplasty Revisions

A new program hopes to reduce the rate of total joint arthroplasty (TJA) revision surgery. As successful as TJA is, about 1 in 10 patients undergo revision knee and hip replacements. That comes out to 100,000 revisions out of the approximately 1 million joint replacement surgeries performed in the U.S. each year. Reduce Revisions Initiative, sponsored by Heraeus Medical, will promote best practices and share innovative developments with surgeons and other providers with the goal of measurably reducing the rate of TJA revision surgery.