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Ideas That Work: En Route
On the Road to Surgery
OSD Staff
Publish Date: November 13, 2019   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
EASY COMMUTE Outlining lanes on the hallway to ORs adds to the fun of driving to the OR.   |   Jack and Friends

Kids driving themselves to the OR in motorized cars isn’t new, but creating a road for them to follow and letting them dress up as superheroes on the way give an already neat idea a fun twist. My son Jack used to spend months in and out of the hospital, and I saw how frightening the surgical experience was for the patients and their parents. I would put a superhero mask on Jack, and he would feel better as he headed into surgery. What started with my son wearing a mask has evolved into a whole experience, thanks to Jack and Friends. Our organization provides hospitals with motorized cars and road maps, so kids can drive to the OR while dressed as superheroes. It’s incredible how big of a positive impact a cape, a mask and a small car can have on kids as they face one of the biggest challenges of their young lives.

Jill Fearons
Jack and Friends
Mattapoisett, Mass.
[email protected]