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The True Price of Prefilled Syringes
Focusing too heavily on the upfront costs of premixed medications can come back to hurt you in surprising ways.
Jared Bilski
Publish Date: August 9, 2020   |  Tags:   Supply Management
VALUE ADDED There are benefits to investing in prefilled syringes when you factor in indirect savings and increased patient safety.

Running a lean and mean surgical facility is more important than ever during COVID-19, so why should you buy premixed and prelabeled syringes from a compounding pharmacy when they're more expensive than the medications you draw-up and label in-house? Because putting too much of an emphasis on the going rates of your commonly used medications could cost you more down the road. Before writing off prefilled syringes, consider what you're actually getting for the price. You might find out it makes perfect sense (and cents) to go the readymade route.

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