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Ideas That Work: Open Forum
Individual Meetings Spark Meaningful Discussions
OSD Staff
Publish Date: December 10, 2020   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
LIVE CHAT Establishing open channels of communication with your staff fosters a healthier and happier workplace.   |   Shawna Johnston

Monthly one-on-one talks with each of my staff members gives them the chance to speak about any issues they have and talk openly about whatever subject they choose to discuss. The meetings are brief check-ins and sometimes spur of the moment if I see a gap in a staff member's schedule.

These individual meetings let me get to know my team personally and professionally. I hear about their reasons for doing what they do, their goals, what they excel at and what they need help with. Staff know that my door is always open, which has made them more open and involved. I've also found it's sometimes easier for team members to share their true thoughts and feelings during individual meetings instead of in front of their colleagues during group meetings. There have been several positive changes made within our department as a result of suggestions made during the one-on-one meetings.

Discussions about strengths and weaknesses in each meeting have led to personal self-growth for team members, and I always mention something positive they have been doing. It's clear the individual meetings have helped team members become the best versions of themselves.

Shawna Johnston, RN, BSN
Texas Health Huguley Hospital
Fort Worth, Texas
[email protected]