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Ideas That Work: PACU Perk
Flag Recovering Patients for Surgeons
OSD Staff
Publish Date: December 10, 2020   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
VISUAL AID Color-coded flags direct physicians to the bays where their patients are recovering.   |   Lora Crum

To help our surgeons find their patients quickly and easily in recovery, we hung a series of color-coded flags on the wall outside each bay. The series of flags are screwed into the wall, allowing us to flip one out as needed. Each physician is assigned a color, and looks for their flag outside of the bay where they'll find their patient. It's a simple system, and the physicians love it. The flags match color-coded expandable file folders where we store each physician's reports. The flags and folders streamline a physician's workflow, so they stress less.

Lora Crum, RN
Gulf Coast Endoscopy and Surgery Center of Venice
Venice, Fla.
[email protected]