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Ideas That Work: Chat & Chew
Grab Some Pizza and Pick Your Leader's Brain
OSD Staff
Publish Date: July 13, 2020   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
LAID-BACK LEARNING Staff at Cityview Surgery Center listen as their medical director fields questions during an informal Q&A.   |   Cityview Surgery Center

Staff can feel disconnected from the decisionmakers who determine how facilities are run. Giving them an opportunity to have their voices heard and speak openly with leadership can improve their engagement and satisfaction levels. We hosted an informal Q&A session with our center's medical director over a pizza lunch. We set up lobby chairs in a circle with the medical director seated slightly toward the center. While we ate, staff were encouraged to ask the director about anything —— from the inner-workings of our center to clinical questions about new devices or procedures —— that was on their minds. The event was informative and fun, and our employees got to know the medical director on a more personal level.

Jane Bell, RN, BSN
Cityview Surgery Center
Fort Worth, Texas
[email protected]