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Ideas That Work: How Humid Are Your ORs?
OSD Staff
Publish Date: March 19, 2020   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work
REAL-TIME RESPONSE Stay on top of OR humidity issues with automatic alerts sent to your phone.   |   Fleming Island Surgery Center

Humidity levels in your ORs should be between 30% and 60%, a range that can be difficult to maintain. That's why I had our HVAC company install a computer program that monitors the humidity levels in our surgical suites. When levels drop to 32% or climb to 58%, I receive an alert on my phone. I immediately contact the HVAC company, which can log into our system and make adjustments to how much outside air is being pulled into the building or activate heaters to dry out the OR air. If I get an alert over the weekend, I can usually address the issue before the doctors and patients even know there was a problem. Check to see if your HVAC provider can send the same types of alerts to your phone. It's a helpful service that provides peace of mind.

Cindy Holden RN, MBA, CGRN, CASC
Fleming Island (Fla.) Surgery Center
[email protected]