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Product News
Great Ideas for your OR
OSD Staff
Publish Date: March 19, 2020   |  Tags:   Product News
Vital Signs

Capture Vital Signs in Seconds

Hillrom says its Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs 4400 device combines a wide breadth of functionality with time-saving efficiency. The device captures temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and pulse oximetry in less than a minute. You can also quickly detect hypertension via the device's blood pressure averaging technology. The device can be connected to an EMR system to update the patient's chart automatically, reducing the possibility of manual data entry errors. It runs on an included rechargeable, eight-hour, lithium-ion battery.

Stabilize Wrist Fractures\

A Better Way to Stabilize Wrist Fractures

The Lever Action Plate System by McGinley Orthopedics was designed to assist surgeons in restoring volar tilt and articular congruity in a wide range of distal radius fracture repairs. The plate system includes beams that are inserted into the fractures as well as variable-angle locking screws. McGinley Orthopedics says the device reduces post-op complications seen with traditional volar tilting. The system, which is awaiting FDA clearance, will debut this month at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) in Orlando, Fla.


Mixed-Reality Lap Training

Endoscopy manufacturer Karl Storz and medical training simulation company VirtaMed have teamed up on this novel mixed-reality simulator. The hybrid LapTrainer system combines high-fidelity video simulation with an anatomically correct abdomen model. You can practice patient positioning, trocar placement and correct OR team setup in true-to-life conditions, with the ability to visualize and manipulate the entire abdomen. LapTrainer includes real endoscopic equipment, too — Karl Storz' EndoCAMeleon endoscope, CLICKline and RoBi ?instrument series, and near infrared fluorescence imaging applications. The companies claim the soon-to-be-released system provides unprecedented realism for surgical training.


Manage, Share and Store Surgical Video

The Sony NUCLeUS digital imaging management system, already in use in three European countries, has received FDA clearance for use in the U.S., the company says. The system is designed to allow surgical teams to integrate and quickly share 4K and 3D video, and other patient images and data, over existing low-bandwidth IT platforms without needing to rewire facilities. Captured content can be linked to patient records and stored centrally for secure access within a facility's communication network.

X-ray Vis\ion

Surgical Navigation X-ray Vision During Spine Surgery

Xvision provides surgical navigation technology on a small, wearable display. The augmented reality system provides 3D visualization of a patient's spine through skin and tissue, letting surgeons navigate instruments in real time around delicate anatomy and place implants accurately without averting their eyes from the surgical field. Surgeons don a wireless, custom-fitted headset that tracks the position of instruments and projects 3D navigation data onto the surgeon's retina, letting them view the heads-up display while simultaneously looking at the patient.

Spine Sp\acer

Next Generation Spine Spacer

Globus Medical's Hedron IA, a 3D-printed integrated spacer used during anterior lumbar interbody fusions (ALIF), is compatible with multiple anchors and screws to provide several effective options for securing it to vertebrae bodies in patients with degenerative disc disease. The product features biomimetic porous scaffolding and lattice structure, which promote more bone formation onto and through the implant. Proprietary instruments make the spacer easy to implement through small incisions, says the company, even in patients with challenging anatomy.