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Can You Pass This Staff Safety Quiz?
Test your knowledge about potential hazards — and how to eliminate them.
Joe Paone | Senior Editor
Publish Date: August 17, 2021   |  Tags:   Staff Safety Staff Training and Education
Radiation Garments
KEEP IT CLEAN Protective gear worn during intraoperative fluoroscopy episodes is often neglected in cleaning and disinfection activities.   |   Pamela Bevelhymer

You must protect your staff from harm so they can properly care for their patients. Prioritizing their health and well-being requires a mix of consistent and effective education and training, a heightened degree of mindfulness, solid evidence-based protocols, and the use of helpful adjunct technologies and products. See how you do in answering the following questions to determine if you need to refocus your efforts on protecting your hardworking providers.

1. According to the International Safety Center and U.S. EPINet's 2019 Sharps Injury Data Report for Needlestick and Sharp Object Injuries, what percentage of injuries were caused by devices that featured shielded, recessed, retractable, or blunted needles or blades?

  • a. 13%
  • b. 38%
  • c. 52%
  • d. 62%
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2. What is the first thing OR personnel should do if a surgical fire erupts on a patient?

  • a. Remove the burning materials from the patient
  • b. Call for help within the building
  • c. Alert employees outside the OR to the danger
  • d. Stop the flow of anesthetic gases to the patient
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3. According to the CDC, which step should be done first when donning a mask?

  • a. fit the flexible band to the bridge of the nose
  • b. fit snug to face and below the chin
  • c. secure ties or elastic bands at the middle of the head or neck
  • d. check the fit
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4. How many hazardous chemicals and carcinogenic and mutagenic cells can be found in surgical smoke?

  • a. 16
  • b. 30
  • c. 78
  • d. 150
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5. In a massive quality improvement study conducted from 2011 to 2018 published in JAMA Open Network, more than 2.9 million simulated phishing emails were sent to employees at six hospitals. How many of those emails were clicked on by healthcare employees?

  • a. 1 in 134
  • b. 1 in 32
  • c. 1 in 7
  • d. 1 in 4
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6. In an Outpatient Surgery Magazine survey of 379 facility leaders, what percentage said one of their staff members or surgeons had sustained an injury from slipping or falling in the OR?

  • a. 14%
  • b. 29%
  • c. 51%
  • c. 60%
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7. According to AORN guidelines for radiation safety, how often should radiation protective garments be cleaned and disinfected if they are only worn by one person?

  • a. three times daily
  • b. once daily
  • c. once weekly
  • d. monthly or when soiled
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8. According to OSHA, workers in healthcare settings are _____ times more likely to be victimized by workplace violence than workers in private industry.

  • a. 0.5
  • b. 1.5
  • c. 3
  • d. 4
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