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Warming Works Wonders
We trialed prewarming on a small group of patients, and now interest is heating up among multiple specialties.
Kathy Abbott
Publish Date: February 3, 2021   |  Tags:   Patient Safety
REAL TIME Phoenix Children's Hospital trialed a prewarming protocol on a small group of spinal fusion patients before rolling it out to its entire orthopedic service line.   |   Rylee Chalmers

If you want to roll out a patient warming protocol that requires your facility to invest time, resources money — and, of course, a change to the status quo — you need to give leadership a compelling reason why the move is a worthwhile investment. We knew that active patient warming helps to prevent unplanned perioperative hypothermia, but our hospital didn't have a standardized method to warm patients, so we gradually launched a successful prewarming protocol across our entire orthopedic service line, and what we learned during the process could convince you to make changes to your own patient-warming protocols.

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