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A Pocket Guide to Survey Success
OSM Staff
HELPFUL HINTS Ms. Beydler developed a convenient reference that surgical professionals can use to ace accreditation inspections.   |   Kathy Beydler

Throughout my career as a perioperative director and surgery center administrator, I've developed information packets that inform my teams about what accreditation surveyors might look for and ask about. I eventually thought it’d be useful for them to have the information at their fingertips in a guide they could fit in the pockets of their scrubs, and decided to publish The Survey Survival Guide. It’s divided into color-coded sections based on key topics covered during surveys, such as infection prevention, patient safety, universal protocols and medication management. It even has a section that touches on tips for communicating effectively with surveyors. I wrote the guide to apply to both hospital and surgery center settings, and left room for staff to make notes about information that applies to their specific facilities. I’ve received great feedback from staff and leadership who have used the guide, which is available for purchase. If your staff uses it, I hope they find it helpful and handy!

Kathy Beydler, RN, MBA, CNOR, CASC
Whitman Partners

Memphis, Tenn.
[email protected]