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Ideas That Work: Headsets Ease the Pain of Phone Calls
Publish Date: November 17, 2021   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work Staff Safety
GOOD CALL Arlene Williams (left), front office manager, and Shashina Ferrell, prior authorization specialist, enjoy the benefits of hands-free calling.   |   Marisa Ynchausti

Administrative staff can suffer from shoulder, back and neck strain caused by cradling phones between their ears and shoulders for hours on end, so Marisa Ynchausti, RN, BSN, clinical nurse manager at National Ambulatory Surgery Center in San Jose, Calif., purchased headsets to make their jobs more comfortable — and easier. Staff who work with hands-free phones are better able to adjust their chairs, move around to get their blood flowing and enter information into patients’ records. The idea to add headsets came from the front line. “It was truly because of staff caring for one another and looking for ways to make work safer and more efficient,” says Ms. Ynchausti. “To continue providing patients the high level of care we deliver, we have to consistently and genuinely care about our staff in the same way.”

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