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Infection Prevention: The Latest on Surgical Attire Recommendations
Many facilities aren’t totally caught up on AORN’s updated guideline.
Joe Paone | Senior Editor
Publish Date: January 10, 2022   |  Tags:   Diversity Equity Inclusion Infection Prevention
Surgical Attire
HEAD TO TOE AORN recommendations cover all aspects of surgical attire, from head coverings to footwear.   |   AORN, Inc.

You’re probably aware that AORN’s evidence-based surgical attire guideline promotes cleanliness in the surgical space to protect patients and personnel from transmission of pathogens. You might not know the guideline was updated in July 2019. “Many providers aren’t aware of the latest recommendations,” says Lisa Spruce, DNP, RN, CNOR, CNS-CP, ACNP, ACNS, FAAN, director of evidence-based perioperative practice at AORN. “They frequently refer to the 2015 guideline. Much of it has changed, so we need to emphasize that surgical teams should refer to the 2019 revision.” 

Here are some of the key updates to the latest guideline, along with clarification on some common areas of uncertainty:

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