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Your Plates Are Full
Outpatient surgery leaders are paid well, but some wonder if their salaries meet the level of the expanding responsibilities they’re managing during the ongoing pandemic.
Joe Paone | Senior Editor
Publish Date: January 5, 2022   |  Tags:   Industry Trends COVID-19 Surveys and Polls
Plates Full
For the second straight year, outpatient surgery leaders were forced to work in extremely difficult conditions. Not only did you continue to fight the scourge of COVID-19 by protecting yourselves, your staffs and your patients, but unprecedented staffing shortages have forced some of you to don surgical attire and work in ORs far more than you envisioned.

While 59% of the 243 ASC administrators and 48% of the 149 HOPD leaders who responded to our annual salary survey reported being happy with their compensation, some wondered if what is currently considered industry-average pay really accounts for the stark increase in the amount of work they must do — and the different roles they need to fill expertly at the drop of a hat. Our survey revealed high levels of exhaustion and extremely full plates for many of you — yet also, a signature dose of optimism and satisfaction. Let’s dive deeper into what you had to say about your compensation after another eventful year filled with plenty of stress and inspiring success.
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