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Trend to Watch: Cardiology Cases on the Move to ASCs
The shift of procedures to the outpatient setting is increasing access to cost-effective and high-quality care.
Natalie Hope McDonald | Contributing Editor
Publish Date: July 7, 2022   |  Tags:   Industry Trends Patient Experience Cardiology
Looking Up
LOOKING UP Stent placements are one of several procedures that are contributing to the promising future of same-day cardiology.

When Woodrow Moore needed a balloon angioplasty and single stent implant, he chose to have the procedures performed at the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center in Katy. Fixes like these are routine for the cardiovascular outpatient center, with each surgery lasting about an hour. There was nothing particularly unusual about the experience except that Mr. Moore is the founder of the center and a well-known ASC developer who has long championed the benefits of migrating interventional cardiac procedures into the outpatient realm.

“My 30-plus years of experience in developing surgeon partnerships and licensed facilities gave me confidence in the well-documented level of care I would receive at an ASC,” says Mr. Moore. “The recent move of CMS adding many ASC-approved cardiovascular procedures is rapidly transforming the space.”

CMS recently added several types of procedures to the ASC Covered Procedure List (CPL), including diagnostic and interventional coronary procedures, peripheral vascular interventions and placement of pacemakers and defibrillators. More procedures are expected to be added to the CPL moving forward. It’s clear the reimbursement landscape is shifting to benefit same-day cardiology care and will help push more cases to the outpatient setting. 

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