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How We’re Winning the Fight Against SSIs
It takes a coordinated effort from a multidisciplinary team to lower infection rates.
Maricris V. Demayo, BSN, RN, PHN I Modesto, Calif.
Publish Date: May 20, 2021   |  Tags:   Infection Prevention
Circle of Hands
ALL IN Representatives from all aspects of patient care must work together to implement practices that improve patient care.   |   Lee S. Weissman/Northwell Health
Lowering your facility’s rate of surgical site infections (SSI) is not something you can accomplish overnight. But that didn’t deter us from wanting to improve our infection control practices. In fact, we focused on the long game and implemented a three-year project that helped us reduce our SSI rate by 72%, from 66 infections in 2016 to 19 infections in 2018. Here’s how our staff tackled SSI prevention head-on — and how you can do the same.
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