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The OR Excellence conference is hosted by Outpatient Surgery Magazine, A Division of AORN, Inc.

This tip-based, highly interactive session offers the practical insights you need to thrive in always challenging management roles. Collaborate with other top leaders to come up with solutions to common staffing issues and discover effective ways to motivate and inspire with positivity and encouragement.

Key members of Yale’s perioperative team will detail the enhanced pain management protocols, minimally invasive surgical techniques and standardized care pathways that prepare patients for same-day discharge, faster recoveries, and optimal outcomes.

Experts predict a shortfall of 18 to 20 million healthcare workers by 2030, which constitutes a developing public health crisis that demands an urgent response.

Learn how University of Wisconsin Health uses real-time data to identify gaps in care and implement proven protocols that improve infection prevention practices.

This presentation offers how-to tips from an expert on monitoring supply-side issues, stocking up on necessary items and implementing proactive ordering practices from a diverse group of suppliers.

Hear from a seasoned educator and quality assurance manager about how to improve communication between the ORs and SPD, implement best practices in decontamination and sterilization, and optimize the flow of instruments in your facility.