Product News: February 2003


A New Way to Warm Up the Crowd

A New Way to Warm Up the Crowd
You may be able to make patients more comfortable pre- and post-op with Arizant Healthcare's (formerly Augustine Medical) Bair Paws warming gown - a patient gown that doubles as a warming blanket. The Bair Paws warming unit attaches to the gown, and it blows warm air through small holes in the gown to warm the patient. Patients or staff can adjust the air temperature to a comfortable level using the hand-held controller. Each disposable gown costs about $15, or you can purchase a gown kit, which includes a warming gown, bonnet, booties, garment bag and shoe bag, for $18.

Arizant Healthcare

Inexpensive Specimen Collector
Your physicians may be able to capture biopsy specimens for less with the PT 20 single specimen collector from M D Technologies. The universal specimen trap can be used in any procedure requiring samples of fluid-borne solids, the company says. A screen filters out the solid specimen, eliminating the straining required with traps designed for mucous or blood. Cases of 100 sell for $199. Call for a free sample.

MD Technologies, Inc.

The Write Stuff?
Facilities may be able to reduce the spread of bacteria by way of shared pens with Preventa Antimicrobial Pens. The barrels of the pens are coated with silver ions that the company says naturally prevent growth and migration of bacteria, yeast, molds and fungi. The ions release at a slow and steady rate, the company says, providing continuous, long-term bacterial control. The Preventa line includes a variety of styles. They cost about $3.50 apiece.

PM Company

An Anesthesia Cart with Eyes
You may be able to store medications more securely with the Partner Cart series from S&S Technology. Each cart's electronic locking system supports up to 200 programmable user access codes. The device tracks who unlocks the cart at what time and which drawers are opened. A touchscreen displays the drawers' status and will tell when the drawers have not been properly closed; a DrawerCatcher feature prevents partially closed drawers and bins from being pulled open. The cart also has a programmable self-locking feature; each time the cart is opened, a timer begins counting down. When the timer elapses, the cart relocks all drawers. The cart uses rechargeable batteries. The PRN-15 Partner Cart supports up to 24 patient bins with a storage drawer. The PRN-45 Partner Cart provides up to 30 patient bins plus three storage drawers. Call for pricing information.

S&S Technology

A New Patch is Said To Prevent Adhesions
The Ventralex hernia patch helps repair intra-abdominal umbilical hernias without adhesions, its maker says. The patch is round with a long tail or strap to hold the patch while it is sutured in place. One side of the patch is a polypropylene mesh, which according to the company encourages tissue growth. The other side features an ePTFE layer that minimizes adhesions, the company says. The small-sized patches list for $385 and medium-sized list for $460.

Davol, Inc.

Multi-tasking Scissors
Surgeons may be able to dissect, cut and coagulate tissue with a single instrument, the Enable Bipolar Scissors. The Bipolar Scissors include reusable scissors and a disposable bipolar cartridge that snaps onto the scissor blades. The scissors are compatible with most generators that have bipolar outputs, the maker says. The surgeon activates bipolar energy using a foot pedal, and energy flows along the edge of each blade, coagulating tissue before it is cut. The scissors are available in seven-inch and nine-inch lengths. They cost $500, cables cost $75 and the disposable bipolar cartridges cost $1,800 for a box of 20.

Enable Medical Corporation

IVs Go High-Tech
The 1o2 manifold valve incorporates several features which may help deliver multiple medications better than a traditional three-way stopcock. To add a medication to the IV, plug the syringe into the sideport and apply pressure to the plunger to open the one-way check valve. The valve closes automatically once pressure is relieved, eliminating any backflow. To aspirate, push the button on top to change the valve from one- to two-way, then pull back on the plunger. Manufacturer studies indicate that the valve may help prevent infection better than a stopcock valve. You can place as many as six valves in line. The 1o2 Valve is only available in Abbott Labs' custom IV sets.

ICU Medical

Safety Available in All Sizes
If you are looking for safety needles in hard-to-find sizes, consider Gettig Guard Safety Needles. They come in a variety of specialty sizes, including 10 different needle gauges and lengths for 5 cc and 10 cc syringes, and 13 different gauges and lengths for 1 cc and 3 cc syringes. The clear safety guard temporarily locks so that you can transport the syringe and then reactivate it using one hand. The needles are compatible with most reusable injectors. They come in boxes of 40 or 100, and cost about 25' to 29' apiece.

Guardian Medical Products

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