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Surgical Support Garments Your Patients Will Love

Besides compression and support, today's post-operative surgical garments also offer your patients comfort and style. Here's a look at some of the latest.

Cosmetic Garments
T Bra
(877) 548-5500
Price: 49.95 for all sizes; bulk and specialty pricing available
FYI: The T Bra was designed by a plastic surgeon to aid in recovery from breast enhancement, breast reconstruction and breast reduction. It is made from latex-free elastic stretch material and features a soft lace trim and adjustable Velcro spandex in the back of the bra, which lets it expand up to an extra two inches, says the company.

ClearPoint Medical
420 Abdominal Brief
(866) 694-7799
Price: $27.95 for sizes XS-XL; $32.95 for XXL and $37.95 for XXXL
FYI: This latex-free bathing suit-cut brief features an adjustable hook and eye crotch closure to make it easy to wear and comfortable for lower abdominal procedure patients, says the company. It features side zippers with hook and eye cotton guard tape to prevent irritation, a three-inch wide waistband for a comfortable fit and inner panels for more support. The garment is made from micro-power mesh, which the company says lets the patient's skin "breathe" more easily.

(800) 222-4999
Price: $34.70
FYI: In addition to preventing complications in post-surgical patients, the DreamSleeve is also designed to be fashionable. It's available in pink, sky blue and lavender, and patients can suggest other colors through the company's Web site so they'll have something to match their outfits. This product is made from soft lightweight materials arranged seamlessly to make it comfortable as it manages mild to moderate upper extremity lymphedema.

Annette International
Post-liposuction Full Body Girdle
(800) 888-3088
Price: Not disclosed
FYI: This garment features sleeves above and below the knees, which the manufacturer says makes it appropriate for patients who received liposuction on their thighs, back, abdomen or gluteus. It can also be used for breast augmentation, as the girdle has seamless pre-molded cups to hold the breasts in place. All of the seams are flat to reduce the risk of skin irritation and the girdle itself is made from ultra-soft Satin Saflex Power Net, a light knit with thin yarns and is lined in combed cotton/Lycra.

Connie Elder International
Lipo In A Box High-Waist Capri
(800) 547-6269
Price: $48
FYI: The high-waist capri is part of the manufacturer's Phase2Wear line of compression products designed to keep patients compliant with post-op directives through comfort and support. This garment in particular offers midriff and tummy control as it lifts and shapes the derriere and supports the legs, says the company. The garment also has no panty lines and offers excellent jiggle control.

Expand-A-Band Breast Binders
(800) 582-5332
Price: $27 retail; $20 for physicians and hospitals
FYI: These durable, comfortable and machine-washable devices are designed to help reduce swelling, bruising and instances of hemotomas following invasive breast procedures as well as augmentation, reconstruction and reduction procedures, says the company. Each binder is made from Dri-release microblend fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep the garment dry and odor-free.

Syringes with write-on stripes make it easy to tell injectable medications apart
If you're sick of the problems associated with stick-on labels, such as the risk of labels falling off or someone putting the wrong one on the wrong syringe, you might want to consider the InviroSnap safety syringes with the InviroStripe. These come with a white bar on the barrel that you can easily write on or use as a spot to affix preprinted labels. Either way, it is consistent with Joint Commission medical labeling requirements.

The manufacturer declined to disclose the price. For more information, call (770) 291-2165, visit or circle 167 on your Reader Service Card.

Disposable curved spatula laparoscopic electrodes cut time out of cleanup
Thoroughly cleaning laparoscopic electrodes without stripping the insulation is always a challenge, but the newest addition to Megadyne's line of EZ-Clean can make it as easy as throwing the used parts out. Its new disposable curved spatula laparoscopic electrode features a green non-stick coating to minimize eschar build-up. It is also insulated to reduce the risk of damaging surrounding structures and has a rigid shaft to allow direct tactile control in tough fibrotic situations and blunt dissection.

Megadyne's disposable curved spatula laparoscopic electrodes cost $53.05 each and $318.27 for a box of six with handswitching, or $55.15 each and $330.89 for a box of six with footswitching. For more information, call (800) 747-6110, visit or circle 168 on your Reader Service Card.

Create your own barcodes from your desktop
If you've worked with barcodes and have noticed anything that could be improved about the system, you now have the power to make all the changes. The MILT 3.0 software from Medi-Dose offers options for fonts, graphics, sizes and shapes so you can develop the system that works well for your facility. You can put in as much or as little information as you want into each code for any task, ranging from pharmaceutical packaging to making it easier to compile inventory reports. This software works with all Windows-supported operating systems.

MILT 3.0 costs $299, or $129 for current Medi-Dose software users who want an upgrade. For more information, call (800) 523-8966, visit or circle 169 on your Reader Service Card.

Cosmetic surgery procedure packs keep pre-op areas looking good
Facilities that offer cosmetic procedures can now take advantage of the benefits offered by having all the core components together in one package. The Presource Standard Cosmetic Surgery packs contain the standard, disposable devices needed for procedures. Depending on the case mix, facilities can order packs specialized for liposuction, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facial rhytidectomy, breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift. Price depends on the distributor's contract with you. For more information, call (800) 964-5227, visit or circle 171 on your Reader Service Card.

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