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Cutting Corners in the Name of Cataract Efficiency?
Re: "Secrets to Our Cataract Case Efficiency" (January, page 32). While I appreciate the high level of efficiency demonstrated in the article, two thoughts come to mind. First, do patients feel like they're on an assembly line? Second, if you're turning instruments over in 22 minutes, I don't believe you're processing the instruments according to recommended standards. I'm all for highly efficient processes, but I get the perception, although perhaps not an accurate perception, that corners are being cut.

Michael Kenney, RN, MBA
Director of Surgical Services
SynergyHealth St. Joseph's Hospital
West Bend, Wisc.
[email protected]

Ms. Hawkins replies: I may counsel and schedule 10 patients in a day or assist in 15 surgeries before lunch, but to each patient there is only one surgery that day. Just one surgery they have worried over all weekend. Just one surgery they have prepared to have. Just one chance to get it right. What faith they have in us. We must never forget that. Regarding instrument turnover, we're currently in the midst of updating our sterilization protocols to comply with recently updated standards. We have not had a case of TASS, endophthalmitis or MRSA-related complications under our current protocols, which have been in effect for several years.

Paula's Pen Pals
Re: "Is There a Fruitcake in Your OR?" (December, page 88). I think I found the ultimate use of a fruitcake several years ago. We simply keep them stored in the attic and send them on to another hapless soul the following year. Nobody ever eats them anyway, nobody gets hurt and they have something to pass on to some other unsuspecting recipient the next year. It's a real money-saver and the ultimate in recycling of useless and eventually, I'm sure, toxic waste.

Lin Brister, MD
Medical Director
Eye Care for Tulsa
Tulsa, Okla.
[email protected]

Re: "Divided By a Common Language" (January, page 72). Being from Tennessee, I knew all the words but "cod" and finally figured out it was "card." Have you done a piece on the Northern language? One can barely understand them. I turn to the back of the magazine each month just to read you. Keep up the good work.

Cindy Clericuzio, RN
OR Director
McKenzie Regional Hospital
McKenzie, Tenn.
[email protected]