Can You Pass This Infection Prevention Quiz?


Test your staff's knowledge of skin prepping practices, instrument care and PPE protocols.

It's been more than a year since COVID-19 heightened the importance of following proper infection prevention protocols. Are you curious to see if your staff's knowledge and daily practices get a clean bill of health? Have them answer the following questions and see if their responses wipe away reason for worry or reveal the need to brush up on the basics.

1. Which of the following is the best point-of-use treatment of instruments?

  • a. rinse with sterile water
  • b. rinse with saline solution
  • c. treat with an enzymatic gel
  • d. wipe down with soap and water
  • Reveal

2. At the end of the automatic endoscope reprocessing (AER) cycle, thoroughly rinse the endoscope with water, use a lint-free cloth to wipe down its exterior and lay it flat to dry.

  • a. true
  • b. false
  • Reveal

PROPER PREP When applying chlorhexidine gluconate, start at the incision site and work in back-and-forth strokes.   |  Pamela Bevelhymer

3. It's safe to transport soiled endoscopes in an open container if the reprocessing area is down a short hall from the procedure room.

  • a. true
  • b. false
  • Reveal

4. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light has germicidal properties between 100nm and __________.

  • a. 180nm
  • b. 280nm
  • c. 380nm
  • d. 480nm
  • Reveal
STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN Endoscopes must hang to dry to allow moisture and residue to drain from internal channels.   |  William DeLuca

5. Providers should always wear eye protection when they are within _______ feet of patients.

  • a. three
  • b. four
  • c. five
  • d. six
  • Reveal

6. Personal protective equipment should be removed in the following sequence:

  • a. eye protection, gloves, gown, mask/respirator
  • b. gloves, eye protection, gown, mask/respirator
  • c. gown, gloves, face protection, mask/respirator
  • Reveal
PPE PROTOCOL Eye protection is integral to limiting exposure to SARS-CoV-2.   |  Lee S. Weissman/Northwell Health

7. When performing a chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) skin prep, start at the incision site and work outward in concentric circles.

  • a. true
  • b. false
  • Reveal

8. How long should a patient who had a confirmed COVID-19 infection but was asymptomatic wait before undergoing elective surgery?

  • a. four weeks
  • b. five weeks
  • c. six weeks
  • d. seven weeks
  • Reveal

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