Product News: July 2022


Great ideas for your OR

A New Experience in Phaco Capabilities

The advanced pump and fluid exchange system on Zeiss Medical Technology’s Quatera 700 phacoemulsification platform provides cataract surgeons with enhanced chamber stability independent of intraocular pressure. Higher aspiration presets and automated ultrasound energy that adjusts the phaco power to the minimum amount necessary to break up cataracts leads to safer and more efficient surgery. Quatera serves as a digital hub that integrates Zeiss’s devices, data and applications. The platform also provides a real-time display of the microscope’s view on the phaco screen, allowing members of the surgical team to track the case’s progress and anticipate the next step of the procedure.


Patient Engagement Made Easy

The new Millennia Complete platform provides patients with a seamless and simple way to interact with their providers. The platform gives providers complete control over the information sent to patients, who benefit from increased flexibility in what information they receive and how and when they receive it. Patients can be sent important reminders about their care plan, forms to fill out, satisfaction surveys to complete and access to a secure payment portal. Millennia says the platform keeps patients engaged in their care, enhances their overall satisfaction and improves providers’ revenue cycle management.


Safer and More Stable Spine Fixation

The CentraFix Midline Fixation System from CoreLink Surgical is a posterior thoracolumbar pedicle screw designed for less invasive spinal fixation during the midline medial-to-lateral approach. Modular, low-profile cobalt chrome tulip heads and various sizes of titanium alloy screw shanks are designed for placement in denser cortical bone with minimal tissue disruption and maximum strength. The system’s ergonomic and intuitive instrumentation contributes to improved intraoperative visualization and faster and more efficient surgery, according to CoreLink. The company says the system also reduces incision size, limits muscular and vascular injury and improves initial fixation.

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