Ideas That Work: Can’t Miss These Handwashing Reminders


Hopefully, there’s a robust hand hygiene culture among the staff at your facility. But what about your patients? They might not be as aware of the importance of keeping their hands clean during the course of their care. That’s why staff at Hunterdon Center for Surgery in Flemington, N.J., place printed reminders about hand hygiene practices on top of the surgical gowns patients don in pre-op. The cards, which are bright pink to stand out and note “Clean Hands Save Lives,” contain bulleted pointers about proper hand hygiene. They also remind patients that the center’s staff members should clean their hands every time they enter patient care areas. “The cards are an effective way to encourage handwashing and they also generate productive teaching opportunities,” says Lisa York, MSN, RN, CASC, CAIP, executive director at Hunterdon Center for Surgery.

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