Ideas That Work: Simple Signs Streamline Patient Care


Physicians at the endoscopy center at Florida Medical Center in Tampa perform between 75 and 120 cases a day, so the facility is always buzzing. At a recent meeting called to identify daily obstacles and brainstorm ways to solve them, pre-op and PACU nurses said their workflow is often slowed because they’re constantly fielding questions about the status of patients. The staff decided to create a series of signs that address many common inquiries such as whether patients are ready to have their IVs removed, why a patient isn’t in their bay or if a patient is prepared to be moved. The simple signs provide straightforward answers: “Take IV Out,” “Rest Room” and “Discharge to Chair.” PACU nurses place the signs outside of patient bays so they aren’t asked several questions at once and don’t feel overwhelmed, says Kinsey Damron, RN, charge nurse at Florida Medical Center. “It’s a small thing that has made a big difference in their productivity,” says Ms. Damron. “They’re able to better navigate their days and get things done more efficiently.”

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