October 2022

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Surgical Video Q&A; It might soon be time to make the jump from 4K to 8K monitors.

Sharpen Your Knowledge of Sharps Safety; 6 surprising facts about sharps injury prevention

Editor's Page; Those Dreaded Performance Reviews

Ideas That Work: Make It Mandatory; Double (Glove) Or Nothing

Business Advisor: Unlock Hidden Savings in Central Sterile; 3 ways your techs can lower your instrument reprocessing costs

Nasal Antisepsis Done Right; 4 tips to stop staph where it lurks

Thinking of Buying... Mini C-arms; Here's what to look for in a portable fluoroscopic system.

Anesthesia Alert: Believe in the Power of Hypnosis; Sedating patients with guided imagery and local anesthetics

Behind Closed Doors; My 2020 New Year's Resolutions

Pressure Ulcers: Surgery's Sore Subject; Your OR team can prevent pressure injuries by following these 5 guidelines.

Ideas That Work: 12-Step Process; Countdown to Room Setup

Product News; Great Ideas for your OR

Salary Survey: Your annual paycheck checkup

Ideas That Work: Staff-Made Reference Videos; An In-house Library Of How-to Instruction

Infection Prevention: 4 Ways to Wipe Away Surgical Site Infections; Follow this practical advice to ward off the threat of SSIs at your facility

5 Tips for Faster Turnover Times; Flipping ORs between cases demands tight teamwork and proper planning

Ideas That Work: Facility Feud; Game-show Themed Events Help Safety Training Stick

Safety: Simulate Emergencies in Bedside Mock Drills; Let staff practice their response to urgent situations before they occur

Boost Your Adenoma Detection Rate; ADR is the gold standard in colonoscopy quality. Do you measure up?

Ideas That Work: Seeing Is Believing; Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Warnings

Ideas That Work: Cap and Gown; Caps Put Smiles on Kids' Faces

Master of the Airway; Are your providers comfortable with an airway device in their hands?