Why We Need More Women Surgeons

The research suggests patients fare better when females are operating, but that isn’t the only reason we need better representation in our ORs.

Is It Time to Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Management?

Experts share when and how an outside firm can help, while also providing tips on how best to keep it all in-house.

Facility Spotlight: A Sunshine State Standout

Performance Health Surgery Center is equipped to handle an influx of outpatient orthopedic, spine and total joints cases today — and strategically designed to expand for tomorrow.

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June/July 2024

A Plan for Patients With Autism Spectrum Disorder

An inside look at the many benefits of a comprehensive special accommodations program for ASD.

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10 Proven Slip-and-Trip Prevention Tactics

These practices will put you on the path to a near-perfect safety record.

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Special Edition: May – Infection Control

Zero Is the Goal: The Case for Robust SSI Prevention Bundles

Smashing surgical site infections comes down to team dedication, refining bundles and holding everyone accountable for meeting patients’ needs.

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Skin Preps Are Simple. Compliance Is Complex.

Here’s how two facilities keep SSIs at bay by better ensuring this crucial task is properly and consistently performed.

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Transitioning from a perioperative nurse to a leadership role in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) presented me with numerous challenges, but none were as daunting...