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Preventing Cyberattacks Is Everybody’s Business

Surgical facilities are increasingly being targeted by online criminals who can bring facilities to their knees. Learn more about the threats as well as proactive strategies that can help protect your business.

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Bone Injections Reduce Infection and Pain in TKA Patients

Studies show promising results for IO instead of IV antibiotics and morphine.
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Prevent PONV in Pediatric Patients

Pint-sized patients aren’t little adults. Learn how to address their unique needs to avoid post-op recovery issues that could include heartbreaking hospital admissions.
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Scope-of-Practice Issue or Turf War?

A failed California bill shines a spotlight on a growing battle between ophthalmologists and optometrists looking to perform surgeries.
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CURRENT ISSUE: November 2022

Keys to Spine Table Selection

Find the right fit for your facility by addressing surgeon preference, intended use and budget.
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Anesthesia’s Role in Total Joints Success

How expertly combining the right analgesics and anesthetics can get your patients up, moving, and recovering at home in a matter of hours.
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SPECIAL EDITION: October - Staff & Patient Safety

Staff & Patient Safety 2022 cover
A Culture of Safety Stops Wrong-Site Surgeries Cold

Following safety protocols to the letter during every case can prevent never events from happening.
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Safeguard ORs Against Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

Address both physical environments and staff behavior to mitigate risks and remove as many obstacles as possible.
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The Case for Expanded Video Laryngoscope Use

No longer reserved solely for ‘difficult airways,’ they have become the ‘expectation of care’ at a growing number of facilities.


Prefilled Syringes are the Preeminent Option

If you considered them in the past but were scared off by the cost, it’s time to take another look at how much money and trouble they could save your facility.


Proof Positive
Proof Positive

Farris Williams, AS, BSHA, MHA, CRCST, CSPDM, manager of the sterile processing department at UC Health Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat Springs, Colo. (left), regularly lets his team know how much he appreciates their efforts. Mr. Williams says that positivity not only builds morale, but also supports and encourages his team’s continuing performance of best practices.


Recipe for Surgical Success

The acts of preparing delicious Thanksgiving dishes and assembling great OR teams aren’t so different.
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Debunking Sharps Injury Myths

Keep your OR teams safe by learning the truth about five commonly misunderstood aspects of this ever-present risk.
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