Power Shift

An inside look at the many factors driving change in the ASC ownership market.

17 States Now Mandate Surgical Smoke Evacuation

That means 33 states still don’t... but your voice can make a difference.

Navigating Knee Revision Surgery

Are you ready to add these complex cases at your facility?

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May 2024

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming GI Care

AI assistance is helping gastroenterologists increase their adenoma detection rates.

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Unlocking the Potential of Outpatient Spine Surgery

Advanced technologies and techniques are bringing more complex cases to the ASC setting.

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Special Edition: May – Infection Control

Zero Is the Goal: The Case for Robust SSI Prevention Bundles

Smashing surgical site infections comes down to team dedication, refining bundles and holding everyone accountable for meeting patients’ needs.

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Skin Preps Are Simple. Compliance Is Complex.

Here’s how two facilities keep SSIs at bay by better ensuring this crucial task is properly and consistently performed.

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Welcome to A Day in the Life of an Administrator, our online column, where we sat down with Cynthia Wiersema, director of nursing at NANI Vascular in Fort Wayne, Ind...

Transitioning from a perioperative nurse to a leadership role in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) presented me with numerous challenges, but none were as daunting...