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What do you see in this photograph: surgical smoke, right? This photo accompanied an article in last month’s issue about mandatory smoke evacuation legislation....

Restaurant gift cards are nice, but if you’re looking for a way to honor your nurses for their extraordinary compassionate and skillful care in a way they’ll cherish long...

It's easy to lose sight of how vulnerable your patients are when they're laid out on the operating room table, sedated, anesthetized, cold and exposed, precious little...

Editor's Page: Can You Teach an Old Guy New Apps?

Editor's Page; Are ASC Sleepovers a Good Idea?

Editor's Page; We All Make Mistakes, But Few Talk About Them.

What AORN's acquisition of Outpatient Surgery means to you [it's all good].

Editor's Page: Good Help Is Hard to Find. And even harder to keep, as I - and probably you - know all too well.

Editor's page: Are your surgeons suffering in silence? The wear and tear of laparoscopy will take its toll on your doctors.

Editor's page: Those who are bullied bully right back. Now we know why the oppressed eat their young and each other.

Editor's page: A day of surgeries and zero opioids. Will alternative pain management techniques go mainstream?

Editor's Page: FDA's forced air letter seems a little forced. The FDA recommends you continue using 3M's forced-arm warmers.

Editor's page: As one surgical center closes, another opens. Florida's first ASC says goodbye as a persistent eye doc claims victory.

Editor's page: when quality reporting becomes burdensome. Patient satisfaction surveys could be more trouble than they're worth.

Editor's page: Opening up about a threat that closed down an ASC. 'I have a gun and I'm coming to shoot up the place, so be ready.'

Editor's page: Make surgical smoke evacuation mandatory. Let's clear the air and address a major health hazard facing OR staff.

Editor's Page: More Questions Than Answers - Outpatient Surgery Magazi

Editor's page: A CRNA's story of addiction and recovery. 'We must grant each other permission to save each other.'

Editor's page: Putting things into their proper perspective. A surgical fire, appropriate OR attire and UnitedHealth's empire.

Editor's Page: Double standard on double-booked surgeries. If anesthesiologists can supervise multiple ORs, why can't surgeons?

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