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It's Time to Build a Better OR

Architectural masterpieces offer stunning examples of how incredible your facility can look and how well it can function.

Check out every detail of your ORs --; before they're built. Q&A with Will Adams, M.Arch., master architect and guru of virtual reality design.

ORs built for speed. Combining the latest technologies with a functional design improves clinical efficiencies.

Don't go it alone. Choose the advisors and consultants to make your project a success.

In you build it, they will come. Our brand new surgery center attracts surgeons and patients alike.

Nation's first dual-licensed surgery center opens in Colorado. Inside the little-known CMS ruling that lets ASCs operate as timeshare properties.

Which boom fits your room? Structure, use and space should factor into the decision.

Thinking of buying ... LED surgical lights. The cool, bright, efficient systems have become OR standards.

A patient-centric approach to facility design. Montefiore Medical Center has every step covered.

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