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The nature of spine surgery makes the risk of wrong-site errors greater than in any other surgical discipline. Similar-looking vertebrae, patient obesity, anatomic...

Same-day spine is one of surgery’s hottest specialties thanks to several new technologies that are making complex surgeries simpler for surgeons, more accurate...

The Laser Spine Institute's final day started like many others. Prospective patients called in from as far as the coast of Africa for consultations. Families flew in from Canada...

Keys to Safe Spine Surgery Positioning; The keys to injury prevention - neutral positioning and proactive padding.

Set Up for Same-Day Spine - A new 50,000-square-foot surgery center will help our surgeons keep pace with an expected jump in case volume.

9 tips for adding outpatient spine. Advice from the founder and the administrator of one of the country's first spine surgery centers.

Is it time to add spinal fusion? Minimally invasive techniques have transformed a complex open surgery into a viable outpatient option.

Why we renovated for outpatient spine. Our surgery center expanded into a rehabbed facility for a fraction of what new construction would have cost.

Secrets to safe same-day spinal fusion. Anterior cervical surgery is all about patient selection and pain management

Capture your share of same-day spine. What factors will influence where your surgeons will bring their cases?

Thinking of Buying ... A Spine Surgery Table - Outpatient Surgery Maga

Should you add same-day spine? Building a spine program into the backbone of your schedule.

5 keys to safer spine surgery. As you take on complex spine cases, here's how to prevent common complications.

Is it chronic pain, or something worse? Guidelines highlight potentially deadly spinal infection.

Success with spine. Specialists talk about what it takes to flourish in a specialized service line.

The business of outpatient spine. It's an attractive option when you can manage all the pieces.

Yes, you can do outpatient spinal fusion. These 4 factors are making it possible.

Upgrades to imaging, instruments and intraoperative monitoring improve outpatient outcomes. The backbones to successful spine.

Six ways you can innovate to perform bigger cases with better outcomes. This is how we're pushing the outpatient spine envelope.

Fatal Incompetence: Texas Surgeon Wreaked Havoc for Years - This Just

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