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Are surgeons fueling the opioid epidemic? If surgeons are "unwittingly enablers of addiction, abuse and overdosage," how should they manage post-op pain?

A smarter approach to post-op pain management. The newest infusion pumps offer high-tech solutions to surgery's age-old problem.

Thinking of buying ... Pain pumps. Provide patients with consistent, long-lasting pain relief.

How you're managing the pain of total knees. Our survey finds that blocks and NSAIDs are the most prominent of many tools.

Say yes to opioid-free surgery. A hospital eliminated opioids from surgery and removed prescription painkillers from its post-op pain control protocol.

TJC defends its pain management standards. The organization notes that opioid prescriptions were already on the rise before it released requirements for treating patients' pain.

Battling post-op pain without opioids. 5 multimodal approaches that work best when pain from surgery is at its worst.

The case for IV anti-inflammatories. IV NSAIDs should figure prominently in multimodal pain protocols.

Pain guidelines tout multimodal's advantages. Start managing post-op pain in pre-op, experts recommend.

Post-op pain in 2016. Our reader survey shows continued migration from opioids, toward multimodal.

5 ways to control post-op pain. Effective pain management will set your joint replacement program apart.

5 essentials in post-op pain management. Why you should ditch the opioids -- and what to use instead.

A new way to manage post-op pain. The Perioperative Surgical Home model is revolutionizing patient care with preset clinical pathways for specific cases.

Which drug is better For post-op pain control? Bupivacaine, at a price of about $2.80 per shot, or the liposomal bupivacaine formulation trade-named Exparel, at about $285 per vial? The answer may surprise you.

Anesthesia Alert: IV Ibuprofen before surgery speeds recovery. Study: It pays to modulate the body's stress response to surgery.

Secrets of our busy pain management center. Here's how we keep patients satisfied and our center humming.

Post-op pain summit. Leading pain management experts predict what analgesic regimens might look like in the not-so-distant future.

The Surgeons' Lounge: Pain control. Should we switch to non-opioid IV pain meds?

Make pain pumps hassle free. At-home pain relief without the headaches.

Multimodal's multiple benefits. There are plenty of ways to reduce opioid use when controlling post-op pain.

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