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Time to buy a new table? Features that matter most when buying your next OR bed.

Thinking of Buying ... Fluid waste management systems. Your options in hard-plumbed and portable direct-to-drain systems.

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Product News.

What's new in surgical lights? Shining a light on the innovations for illuminating the surgical field.

Misleading latex labeling may contribute to allergic reactions. Protecting staff and patients from latex allergens may be more difficult than it sounds, say the authors of a new white paper.

What surgeons want in their gowns. Comfort, breathability and mobility are nice, but barrier protection is the most important attribute.

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What's behind the spike in Opioids disappearing from VA hospitals? The drug losses have been attributed to clinical staff stealing medications, either for their own use or for sale on the street.

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Coming clean on instrument washers. Tips for buying the machine that's right for your facility.

Are prefilled syringes worth it? Weighing the pros and cons of ready-to-administer compounded drugs.

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Is forced air warming losing steam? Why some surgical facilities are seeking alternatives for maintaining normothermia.

Staffing: The benefits of build-to-order instrument sets. Unlock hidden efficiencies when you lighten your instrument trays.

Think outside the box to pump up your purchasing power. Q&A with Thomas Lubotsky, BBA, MHA, FACHE, value-based expert and supply management mastermind.

Staffing: vendor reps are people, too. Treat your surgical salespeople as strategic partners.

How to run a successful glove trial. With clear goals, communication and an organized plan, glove trials don't have to be trying experiences.

Hitting the sweet spot with reposable instruments. Reusable-disposable tools can improve quality and efficiency while also saving money.

4 keys to a successful headlight trial. Inside UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center's quest to convert its fleet of 85 headlights to an all-cordless one.

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