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Advancements in arthroscopy visualization. Imaging, instrument and irrigation upgrades will give your surgeons the clear views they crave.

More than just a pretty picture. Video monitors are growing in size, capability and clarity -- and providing advantages that extend well beyond what surgeons see.

The golden age of surgical video. Surgeons now have unmatched views of the surgical field.

Is it time for an imaging upgrade? Amazing advances in surgical visualization deliver spectacular views, but which options are best for you?

The clear choice in surgical video. Standard high-def is becoming passé as progressive facilities outfit their ORs with the latest in 4K imaging.

Build rooms with eye-popping views. The right visualization system puts the finishing touch on your OR upgrade.

Does size matter when it comes to surgical displays? A bigger screen size is nice, but that's not all surgeons care about.

Bring c-arm's imaging power to the bedside. Improved intraoperative imaging is well worth the investment.

Can you put a price on the best views in surgery? 4K video is the clear choice for forward-thinking facilities.

Thinking of buying ... Surgical video monitors. 4K is fantastic, but there are also other factors to consider.

Orchestrating the sights and sounds of surgery. Video integration lets all the different types of equipment in the OR work together in concert.

Do you need 4K video? Get the big picture on the next level of surgical imaging.

Pick a picture-perfect arthroscopy video platform. Focus on the features your orthopods want in a new imaging system.

Decisions, Decisions: sorting through your options in surgical video. It's hard to pick the best surgical video system when the technology keeps changing.

Where's the nearest video laryngoscope? Your anesthesia providers need to know they can secure even the most difficult airway.

Seeing surgery in a different light. How image enhancement technology improves patient outcomes.

3D C-arms transform the OR. The benefits of capturing CT-like images during surgery.

4K lights up the OR. Will dramatically sharper detail lead to safer surgeries and better outcomes?

Thinking of Buying ... A C-arm. Streamlined design and digital data have improved imaging.

Clear visibility. Don't let smoke, fog and debris impede your surgeon's view.

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