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Many patients at Einstein Endoscopy Center in Blue Bell, Pa., leave behind the no-slip socks they’re provided. “The socks are used only for a couple of hours, and we used to throw them away, but, at the suggestion of a patient,...

Bodily fluid overflow is common during notoriously messy joint procedures. Your staff can stem the tide by attempting to sop it up, but closed mobile collection units are...

Surgeries can be splashy, messy affairs. Floor-based fluid management mats and pads are a more effective and economical option than throwing blankets, towels or...

Last month at OR Excellence in New Orleans, attendees packed the conference’s main presentation hall for an open forum discussion about ways to improve...

The surgical nurse had a substance use disorder, went to rehab for treatment and was in long-term recovery. All seemed well, but she was surrounded by temptation...

3 Golden Rules of Fluid Waste Disposal; Follow these tips for safe, economical liquid waste management.

Down the drain or direct to drain? Our search for a simple, safe and cost-effective solution for fluid waste disposal.

How do you dispose of fluid medical waste? Three facilities discuss their choice of liquid waste management.

Fed up with fluid waste? Capture arthroscopy's runoff before it makes a mess of your ORs.

Thinking of buying ... Floor suction devices? Contain spilled fluids to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries.

How do you manage fluid waste? Readers reveal what it takes to keep OR floors dry during the messiest procedures.

Thinking of Buying ... A fluid waste management system. Consider the benefits of closed collection and disposal.

Test driving fluid waste systems. Customer reviews of automated disposal options.

The Economics of Fluid Waste Disposal - Outpatient Surgery Magazine -

How are you collecting fluid waste in the wake of the Stryker Neptune recall? Evaluate your fluid management options.

Don't let smoke, fog or debris impede laparoscopic procedures. Check out these 3 simple ways to clear the view.

Handling fluid waste and managing runoff after the Neptune recall.

Dealing With Fluid Waste Management's Uncertain Future - Infection Con

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