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Thinking of Buying Staff Safety Solutions


Better Designs, Better Surgical Outcomes
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Orthopedic surgeons gain an edge with an innovative new solution for patient positioning.


One of the most active areas in the outpatient world today is the specialty of orthopedics. Advanced orthopedic surgeries performed in outpatient surgery centers offer numerous advantages and benefits for patients, doctors and facilities.

For patients, the foremost advantage is the convenience and efficiency of outpatient procedures. Patients can undergo complex orthopedic surgeries without the need for overnight hospital stays. This not only reduces the overall cost of healthcare but also minimizes disruption to their daily lives. From a medical perspective, outpatient orthopedic surgeries often involve minimally invasive techniques, leading to smaller incisions, reduced postoperative pain and quicker recovery times. Advanced technologies enable more precise interventions, improving surgical outcomes and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Outpatient surgery centers can accommodate a higher volume of cases, making the best use of resources and contributing to the overall sustainability of healthcare operations. Advanced orthopedic surgeries in outpatient surgery centers provide patients with convenience, quicker recovery and improved outcomes.

Surgeons benefit from enhanced technological capabilities and streamlined processes, while facilities experience increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The shift towards outpatient orthopedic procedures represents a positive evolution in healthcare delivery, emphasizing patient-centered care and operational optimization.

As the growth in surgical procedures in this field continues to evolve, surgeons and their teams look to discover innovative solutions to help them handle increased caseloads and the range of orthopedic surgeries. Cooperating with industry partners offers new ways to accomplish these procedures and enhances an efficient and safe patient journey.

One such company is leading the way to offer new solutions for orthopedic surgeons and OR teams. SchureMed has teamed up with orthopedic surgeons to revolutionize lower extremity surgical procedures and has introduced the Áristos Orthopaedic Extension. This new product will elevate the patient positioning experience.

Áristos is a groundbreaking solution that provides a sleek, lightweight design and intuitive controls that make lower extremity surgical procedures better than ever before. The Áristos Orthopedic Extension transforms general surgical tables into cutting-edge orthopedic fracture tables, allowing surgeons to improve turnover times and provide their patients with the highest level of care. Beyond being used as a fracture table, the Áristos also covers the Hip Joint Replacement in the Direct Anterior Approach (minimal invasively).

This innovative solution can transform any operating room into a high-end trauma center. Cutting-edge orthopedic fracture tables have never been more attainable. With Áristos, operating room technology is within reach – offering convenience and affordability to facility leaders. Leveraging the revolutionary properties of Áristos, surgeons now can free themselves from the constraints posed by traditional fracture tables and orthopedic extensions. With its ability to laterally rotate a patient's leg away from the spar, surgeons are granted unparalleled C-arm access for optimal radiolucent imaging. The surgeon can turn the handle to dial in or out just the right amount of fine traction to suit their needs. Adjustments can be quickly made for optimal performance, smooth motion and maximum precision for each procedure.

SchureMed offers a full line of products to optimize patient positioning with a versatile and compatible portfolio fitting any OR table or to turn any OR table in a specialized solution independent from the medical discipline. The company offers custom devices to optimize any operating room. SchureMed’s in-house research and manufacturing teams produce superior operating room equipment at reasonable costs. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, team of design engineers and knowledgeable inside staff provide the ability to assess a facility’s exact need and either recommend a product or design and build the optimal solution from the ground up. For more information visit

Thinking of Buying Staff Safety Solutions

Find your focus and keep cost, comfort and efficiency at the center of your purchasing strategy.

From needle sticks to slips-and-trips to ergonomic disasters, the OR is a dangerous place for your perioperative team. Luckily there is no shortage of equipment and devices available to keep your people out of harm’s way.

In a market that’s saturated with products dedicated to the safety of healthcare personnel, the key to success is first determining exactly what type of protection you want the product or device to provide. Are your needle-stick injuries trending upward? Have an alarming number of workers reported slip-and-trip injuries? Are you seeing workers’ comp claims related to ergonomic issues? Once you’ve narrowed down the focus keep these factors front and center:

• Cost. It almost feels redundant to include this. After all, doesn’t it go without saying that cost is a major factor in every facility’s purchasing decision? Yes, but there’s one major difference when it comes to safety-specific products – especially those designed for your own staff. If a price difference between two similar products – or even a steep price on an objectively valuable device – is giving upper management any concerns, steer the conversation back to this important point: Any short-term savings can pale in comparison to the direct and indirect costs of a staff member who winds up being injured or infected due to a lack of or suboptimal safety devices or personal protective equipment.

• Convenience, comfort and functionality. If you introduce a new safety product for your staff, it needs to be easy to operate (or don) and efficient. For instance, no matter how effective safety scalpels are, you’ll face constant pushback from staff if they are clunky or cumbersome and don’t fit seamlessly into your current workflow.

• Sustainability. Many safety products are disposable, single-use items – especially those in the PPE category. While that’s unavoidable for certain items, many facilities are paying much closer attention to the tremendous amount of waste the OR generates. Safety and sustainability don’t need to be mutually exclusive. For instance, one way to reconcile disposable products with sustainability is by investigating whether the items are made from recyclable materials.

To give you a better idea of the range of staff safety options on the market, here are eight products to consider:

Just What Your Feet, Legs & Back Are Crying Out For!


The Surgical Mat from Flagship Surgical is the ideal ergonomic choice for a wide range of OR procedures – particularly those that take hours to complete. The elasticity and cushioning of this mat help to improve foot, leg and back pain that can hamper focus and productivity. Channels fluids and promotes better performance and optimal patient outcomes. The Mini Mat is ideal for use in conjunction with Flagship Surgical’s ergonomic step stool. Both mats are non-slip (have adhesive safety backing strips), antimicrobial, latex free and anti-static.

For more information, call (888) 633-5843 or visit

This Post-Procedure Transport Tray is Disposable


Now from Healthmark, the disposable SST Tray System (DSST-001-10), designed for post-procedure transportation of contaminated instruments from procedure area to the decontamination area. This 100% recycled plastic tray features:

• A matched lid
• 25-pound weight capacity
• Single-use, clear trays so you can conveniently and quickly identify instruments within
• Base dimensions of 30 cm L x 33 cm W x 11 cm D

For more information, visit

When a Goal of Zero Means a Lot


Join Stryker’s “Journey to Zero” campaign to improve safety for all caregivers and patients. Each day on the frontlines of healthcare there are risks and hazards to caregivers and patients:

• Exposure to surgical smoke
• Retained surgical sponges
• Splashes and spills
• Drug diversion
• Slips, trips and falls

Stryker is here to match your dedication and devotion to the welfare of others, creating solutions that improve safety and championing technologies that safeguard providers and patients, so you have zero doubt and peace of mind knowing your OR is safe for all patients, surgeons and nurses.

For more information, visit

Improve OR Sharps Safety for Less Than a Dollar Per Procedure

Viscot Soffzone

soffzone® Neutral Zone Trays:

• Highly visible red color provides an easily recognizable neutral zone
• Low profile minimizes blind reaching, reducing the risk of sharps injury
• Economical/Autoclavable: can be sterilized with instruments and re-used for hundreds of procedures
• Complies with neutral zone recommendations from OSHA, AORN and ACSA
• Sized appropriately for the MAYO, eliminating the need to place neutral zone on patient

For more information, call (800) 221-0658 or visit

See a Difference with Color-Coded Ophthalmic Safety Sharps

Feather Safeshield

Feather Safety Razor has got the sure edge, protection and control you're looking for. The Micro Feather Safeshield disposable ophthalmic scalpel features a wide range of blades with a clear protective shield that can be advanced to cover the blade and retracted multiple times with single-handed simple action to turn, slide and lock position. The safety shield minimizes the risk of injuries and protects the sharp edge. And the color-coded buttons on the blades correspond to 11 blade types, assisting with blade identification.

For more information, call (011) 81-6-6458-1638, email [email protected] or visit

Preventing Slips and Falls in the OR


The Sandel DriFloor Absorbent Pad from Ansell is what you’re looking for in absorbent floor pads to help prevent slips and falls in the OR: optimal fluid management.

• 60% more absorbent and absorbs 45% more quickly than the leading hospital floor pad
• Impervious backing prevents fluids from leaking through to the floor
• Reduces cross-contamination

Ideal for fluid-intensive cases. Available in a variety of sizes or on a roll. Request a free sample.

For more information, visit

Control the Chaos!


Tame dangerous, unruly cords on the OR floor and help prevent trips and falls with the bright orange Trip-No-More cord covers from Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions. Now with 40% more adhesive, the Trip-No-More is available in 8, 10 and 12 widths.

For more information and a free sample, call (866) 764-3327 or visit


Smaller but Safer!


B. Braun designed the Introcan Safety 2 IV Catheter to make IV access safer for clinicians, and that is exactly what it does:

• A truly automatic passive safety device that reduces needlestick injuries; automatically engages upon needle removal and cannot be bypassed.
• A one-time blood control septum is designed to restrict the flow of blood from the catheter hub after needle removal until first connection of a luer access device.
• Double Flashback Technology that supports first-stick success through quick visual confirmation that the blood vessel has been punctured.

For more information, visit OSM

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