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Thinking of Buying Power Tools


Powering Up Orthopedic Surgery in the ASC
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An innovative orthopaedic robotic-assisted system that offers proprietary tools and AI-driven software in a small footprint.


The CORI Surgical System by Smith+Nephew promises to make surgery more efficient and smarter for ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) nationwide. Orthopedic surgeons need flexibility as they navigate a range of complex arthroplasty procedures. The CORI Surgical System is up to the challenge by merging the precision of handheld robotics with digital surgery applications across multiple indications and procedures.

For knee arthroplasty, CORI is the only orthopaedic robotic-assisted system to offer either image-free or image-based registration, enabling the surgeon to choose whether or not to perform a pre-operative MRI scan. Intraoperatively, the CORI Digital Tensioner offers a consistent method for tensioning ligaments before making bony cuts alongside AI-powered planning software to personalize surgery for each patient. Finally, the handheld robotics precision milling tool ensures accurate bone resection and leg alignment.

The advanced software on the CORI Surgical System supports multiple indications, including partial knee replacement and total knee replacement (cemented and cementless), as well as the first FDA-approved indication for revision knee replacement. CORI makes revision knee surgery possible thanks to its image-free smart mapping, which eliminates the potential for image distortion caused by in-situ components and can visualize anatomy and bony defects after implant extraction.

The same CORI platform also supports total hip replacement with Smith+Nephew’s RI.HIP NAVIGATION software. This application ensures accurate cup placement while accounting for pelvic tilt and quantifies leg length/offset changes throughout the procedure. When paired with RI.HIP MODELER for preoperative simulation, surgeon users can assess patient-specific spinopelvic mobility and its effects on impingement during activities of daily living.

CORI keeps the surgeon in control. The combination of preoperative simulation, precision robotics and flexible planning capabilities ensures surgeon users can take every step to truly personalize the surgery their patients need. Post-surgery, Smith+Nephew’s RI.INSIGHTS website allows surgeons to review their robotics cases and incorporate PROMs to evaluate opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and patient outcomes.

The CORI Surgical System continues to evolve and expand capabilities aimed at making surgery more efficient for the surgeon users and the patients they serve. The latest of these updates is CORIOGRAPH, a pre-operative planning and modeling service for total and partial knees. Built on 15+ years of clinical expertise and over 350,000 image-based surgery plans, CORIOGRAPH Pre-Operative Planning and Modeling Services allows the surgeon to choose whether or not to use a preoperative MRI. It is designed to optimize procedures and enable intraoperative efficiencies in conjunction with new RI.KNEE ROBOTICS 3.0 Software. This service offers image-agnostic registration options so that a surgeon can choose the right imaging modality tailored to their patient's needs.

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Thinking of Buying Power Tools

Pleasing those particular surgeons with the right fleet of drills, saws and reamers.

Orthopedic surgeons tend to be quite particular about their power tools. That can make assembling – and maintaining – a fleet of drills, saw and reamers a daunting task for administrators. Whatever options you choose, you can’t go wrong if you do your homework and focus on these attributes of these important tools:

Power. The smaller bone tools tend to be corded, while the bulk of large bone tools are battery operated. When purchasing battery-powered tools, you need to factor in how long that battery will last on a single charge to ensure it will hold up during the busiest of high-volume days.

Fit and feel. Surgeons expect tools that both fit in their hands comfortably and are easy to use. In other words, no matter how powerful the drill is, if it’s too heavy, awkward or cumbersome for an orthopod to use comfortably case after case, it’s not going to work out.

Noise. In the OR, surgeons and other members of the perioperative team want to hear their playlist – not loud buzzing or rattling of a noisy drill. In recent years, manufacturers have made major inroads in terms of noise control, but some leaders still falsely believe orthopedic power tools need to be loud to be effective.

Durability. Your fleet of power tools will require constant sterilization, so you want to pay close attention to just how sturdy these tools are during the hopefully comprehensive trialing process. And if you want to make the trial process more efficient, steal a page from OrthoTennessee’s playbook: The Volunteer State provider of ortho clinics holds power tool fairs where multiple vendors come in and allow surgeons to test their products by performing cuts on artificial bone from the University of Tennessee’s anatomy lab.

Connectivity. Don’t forget to ask important questions about connectivity such as “What connections will the power tool require?” and “Do we need a separate power console to plug the cord into and if so, you (the vendor) provide the console at no charge?”

Here are some power tool options on the market to discover:

Versatile, Washable and Precise

aesculap elan 4

This high-speed power system by Aesculap is touted for its cutting power, comfortable grip, intuitive handling and versatility. Thanks to its interchangeable plug-and-play attachments and cutting tools, the surgeon can choose the best tool for the case without worrying about major changes in handling, performance or precision, while the OR team doesn’t need to match motors and handpieces, which frees up time and space in the OR. Positioned as the first high-speed power system with handpieces that can be mechanically washed, it also offers a solution for inner cleaning with an irrigation rack or adapter. Its strategically placed motor eliminates the need for mechanical couplings and angle gears, and the tool is said to generate minimal chatter, less heat and no risk of unintentionally releasing the burr while in use. It offers the ability to use one burr length for all handpiece options, while its user-defined passive safety feature requires the motor to be in the “off” position to change the cutting tool.

For more information, call 800-282-9000 or visit

Excellence You’ve Come to Depend On

ConMed Hall Titan

Conmed’s latest generation of orthopedic power tools delivers high torque and long-lasting power in one platform for small and large bone procedures. The handpiece’s textured surfaces provide improved control and grip while reducing hand fatigue. The modular drills feature linear variable speeds controlled by how far surgeons pull the trigger, enabling more precise manipulation of the blade and drill speed with less vibration. Its UL-approved small and large lithium batteries are autoclavable, while the triple-sealed handpiece, compatible with automated washer/sanitizers, is ingress protection-rated for water intrusion from jets and submersion. The system’s one-step sterilization process allows handpieces and batteries to be sterilized in the same tray simultaneously. Its modular tray system is customizable for specific procedures requiring drills or saws and specific handpiece and accessories.

For more information, call 866-426-6633 or visit

Battery-Driven Power With a Range of Attachments

DePuy Trauma Recon

The Trauma Recon System, a battery-driven power system by DePuy Synthes, is designed for arthroplasty as well as trauma combines a modular handpiece with a range of attachments. The handpiece offers suitable speed for drilling as well as high torque for reaming. Powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, its Power Module Technology enables instant capacity and function checks. DePuy Synthes highlights the tool’s ergonomic design with what it describes as suitable tool balance and working comfort. Its comprehensive range of drilling, reaming and sawing attachments heightens this tool’s flexibility in the OR.

For more information, call 800-327-6887 or visit

A Power Tool System for the Most Demanding Procedures

De-Soutter Orthodrive

De Soutter Medical says the high torque rotary drill/ream handpiece of orthodrive, a large bone power tool system, provides ample power even for the most demanding acetabular reaming procedures. The company claims the system provides 20% more reaming torque and sagittal saw cuts through the hardest bone with ease and precision. Intelligent lithium-ion battery charging technology boosts the system’s power by a further 20% for an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. Featuring 15 rotary attachments and four function attachments of various types, orthodrive’s quick-change drill/ream gearbox eliminates dedicated reaming attachments to reduce cost and weight. Its scratch-resistant finish protects against the most aggressive detergents. The system is available with corded power or a choice of an aseptic or sterile battery.

For more information, call 866-655-9040 or visit

Single-Use, Returned and Recycled


Insurgical says it has reimagined how orthopedic power tools are manufactured and delivered, offering a service as much as a product. Its pre-tested, terminally sterilized single-use large bone power tools are intended to remove onsite reprocessing, maintenance and upfront cost issues from the power tools equation. The idea is that surgical facilities stock a small supply of the tools for use as needed, and simply send any used tools back to the factory using an easy return process, where the equipment is recycled and sterilized. Tools include drill/reamer, oscillating saw, reciprocating saw and associated attachments.

For more information, call 512-318-2980 or visit

Increased Finesse and Less Fatigue

Microaire Series 5000

This small bone system by MicroAire Surgical Instruments boasts a complete range of electric and pneumatic powered instruments for surgeons to shape, drill and fix extremities. It features the MicoAire’s smallest wire-driver and widest range of wire sizes. Outfitted with a dual trigger electric and pencil grip electric motor with hand throttle, the company says it offers excellent ambidextrous single-hand fingertip control (forward, reverse, oscillate), optimal visibility and superior performance. The device’s ergonomics result in reduced hand fatigue, according to MicroAire.

For more information, call 800-722-0822 or visit

It’s All in Your Hands: Power Tools You Can Trust

Stryker TPS

This collection of small bone corded power tools is designed for durability in fast-paced ORs, featuring a new self-aligning stainless steel hand switch that clicks into place to provide increased reliability and distinct connection points that respond with audible confirmation to increase surgeon confidence. Low-friction coating is designed to reduce catching on surgical fabric and drapes while minimizing the collection of dust and debris. TPX tools are compatible with Stryker’s CORE and CORE 2 power consoles. Software within the CORE 2 console enables customization of how the sagittal saw and micro drill respond from low to high sensitivity based on individual surgeon behavior. The line’s handpiece coating allows the tools to be temporarily submerged during cleaning prior to sterilization.

more information, call 800-253-3210 or visit

Where Power Meets Precision

Zimmer X-Series

The modular X Series Power System by Zimmer Biomet is designed for a range of reconstructive and trauma procedures – hip, knee, upper/lower extremity, shoulder and spine. Zimmer Biomet promotes the product’s variety of power source options and its lightweight ergonomics, differentiated torque and variable trigger speeds as enabling procedural versatility for both large and small bone applications. The line includes a dual-purpose heavy-duty wash basket that is built for autowashing with high pH detergents. Its modular design delivers dynamic drilling, reaming and sawing through a single handpiece, reducing the type and number of sets needed to operate efficiently.

For more information, call 800-613-6131 or visit OSM

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