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In Case You Missed It
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OSD Staff
Publish Date: December 1, 2015   |  Tags:   News
in case you missed it

Exparel may cost 25 times as much as conventional bupivacaine, but a new study finds that the 2 drugs relieve pain equally. osmag.net/uHBkH9

Technology Hazards

Topping the list of ECRI Institute's Top 10 Health Technology Hazards of 2016? The failure to properly pre-clean flexible endoscopes. osmag.net/GkAwS4


The makers of a duodenoscope and the AER used for its reprocessing are being sued following the 2013 "superbug"-related death of a 55-year-old man. osmag.net/6HUtgR

pre-op blood tes\t

Researchers have discovered a pre-op blood test that predicts how long it will take a patient to recover from surgery. osmag.net/Xr8RmC

While it may be more efficient to have a surgeon running 2 ORs at the same time, could it also be more dangerous? osmag.net/7rSuKM

Looking for a way to control your supply costs? Try handing out surgeon report cards, researchers say. osmag.net/3SBHmf

eye dro\ps

Is this the end of cataract surgery? Researchers may have discovered a way to use eye drops to reverse and prevent the condition. osmag.net/QvT2Rg

How did you fare with the ICD-10 transition? CMS says it has rejected 10% of Medicare fee-for-service claims so far — though only a small percentage were denied due to coding errors. osmag.net/hMaT5T

risk of S\SIs

It turns out that diabetic patients face an increased risk of SSIs after most surgeries, not just a handful of select procedures, as previously thought. osmag.net/ZaMcK2

There is too much foot traffic in the OR, disrupting room airflow and possibly increasing the risk of infection, a new study finds. osmag.net/oA4QMu

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