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Publish Date: November 3, 2015   |  Tags:   News
in case you missed it
OR Excellence winners

See even more photos from last month's OR Excellence Conference with these 2 slideshows, and sign up to join us next year in sunny Bonita Springs, Fla. osmag.net/VKxv9A and osmag.net/ekTC5N

A new study suggests that medication errors or adverse drug events could be happening in up to half of all surgical cases. osmag.net/zNkTW9

CMS responds to the start of ICD-10 with a host of new resources to answer any and all of your coding-related questions. osmag.net/kGYA7b

electronic medical records

Are EMRs dangerous? This doctor thinks so. He claims that electronic records are "without a doubt" killing and injuring patients. osmag.net/g9KZFe

A team of researchers is currently designing the smarter, safer and infection-free OR of your dreams. osmag.net/2YzNEk


Three duodenoscope makers will survey their scope users about their reprocessing practices to help pinpoint errors that led to recent superbug outbreaks. osmag.net/QhkH8Q

The rich get richer A new study confirms that the cost of outpatient surgery is rising faster in hospitals than it is in ASCs. osmag.net/9opDJU

Patients who are older than 55 and at a high risk for colorectal cancer may not need such aggressive colonoscopy schedules after all. osmag.net/J4TdTu

contaminating clothin\g

Are your staff contaminating their skin and clothing when removing PPE? Most likely, researchers say. osmag.net/jy4TXT

Bad news in the fight against SSIs: A new study finds that nearly half of them may be unstoppable. osmag.net/3RfWDn

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