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Publish Date: October 5, 2015   |  Tags:   News
in case you missed it
After years of delays, ICD-10 is here and Medicare is ready to handle claims under the new coding system. Are you? osmag.net/Pe0WnR

bullied nurses

Half of your nurses have been bullied by a co-worker and 42% have taken abuse from a superior, says the American Nurses Association, which is calling for a "zero tolerance" policy on workplace bullying and violence. osmag.net/wX4ZjJ

California ASCs will face unannounced inspections from accreditors, but they'll have greater access to physicians' credentialing information, under a new law that aims to increase oversight of outpatient surgery in the state. osmag.net/PZ9xzY

Physicians whose colonoscopy withdrawal times average less than 6 minutes are more than twice as likely to see their patients develop colorectal cancer over the next 5 years. osmag.net/7zdSYS

Bronchoscopes were linked to at least 109 patient infection or device contamination incidents since 2010, with 50 of them occurring in 2014, says the FDA, which urges vigilance in their cleaning. osmag.net/W5MvBh

A former emergency doc and serial surgical shoplifter was arrested at a hospital before dawn one Sunday while attempting a $25,000 supply room raid. osmag.net/m8CdTW

shorwering with CHG

Showering with CHG at least twice before surgery — ?and waiting a minute before rinsing it off — ?gives the prepping agent a more powerful antimicrobial punch. osmag.net/9eTEmG

The bad news: The healthcare economy can expect to see a nursing shortage in 10 years. The good news: It was expected to be a lot worse. (Thank your young nurses.) osmag.net/x4vEMB


Cherry picking is a myth, says a study of physician-owned hospitals. While they may treat healthier patients, they're not selecting wealthier ones for profitability's sake. osmag.net/5AvVjC

UnitedHealthcare has agreed to a $9.5 million settlement of a lawsuit that alleged it systematically underpaid as many as 250 out-of-network ASCs in California. osmag.net/zJ9AuT

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