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OSD Staff
Publish Date: September 3, 2015   |  Tags:   News
in case you missed it

A Texas neurosurgeon whose botched procedures killed and paralyzed numerous patients between 2011 and 2013 was denied a bail reduction after his July arrest, based on an e-mail in which he vowed to "become a cold blooded killer." osmag.net/PnEvY7

anonymous person

In an anonymously published essay, the Annals of Internal Medicine shines a light on the OR's darkest, most overlooked misbehavior: the sexual abuse of anesthetized patients. osmag.net/3bCJEc

Since infectious bacteria and the complex design of endoscopes can foil even aggressive reprocessing protocols, routine microbial testing is necessary to prevent cross-contamination and protect patients' safety. osmag.net/7kwCEN

Duodenoscope makers Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm failed to report scope-related infection incidents and failed to prove the adequacy of their scope reprocessing instructions, says the FDA. osmag.net/Hc0NxL

Should cataract surgery be allowed in office-based settings? Technological advances have spurred Medicare to consider the possibility for its 2016 fee schedule. osmag.net/Hv7AGb

personal protective equipment removal

Less than half of healthcare providers know the rules for removing and disposing of personal protective equipment, putting them at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. osmag.net/OSZ6qs

Playing music in the OR can help to reduce your patients' post-op pain and improve the efficiency of your surgeons' efforts, as long as it doesn't disrupt your staff's critical communications. osmag.net/j4oBMA

Does a publicly posted database of 16,827 surgeons' post-op complication rates promote healthcare transparency, or present a short-sighted and misleading view of clinical quality? osmag.net/rDRC5d

Elderly patient populations see the most post-surgical readmissions not because they're sicker, but because they don't understand your discharge instructions. osmag.net/cKRv4Q


The field of surface disinfection research lacks depth, focusing on specific products' antimicrobial capabilities instead of product-vs.-product comparisons and SSI reduction statistics. osmag.net/NZxEs7

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