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OSD Staff
Publish Date: June 2, 2016   |  Tags:   News
Joan Rivers

Doctors at the endoscopy clinic where Joan Rivers slipped into a coma accepted blame for the injuries that led to her death in a settlement agreement with the comedienne's daughter. osmag.net/Ro9cFQ

JAMA study ranks 7 deadliest and costliest emergency surgeries. osmag.net/YUpG9g

No one is sure how 2 pieces of plastic film ended up in a woman's uterus, but a Chicago hospital is facing charges. osmag.net/VJksK4

Hidden cameras on an anesthesia cart meant to catch a drug thief may have also inadvertently exposed female patients. osmag.net/NrPC9a

A New York City hospital was cited by the state for not implementing an OR fire prevention plan after a 2014 flash fire burned a patient. osmag.net/V9AyHt

A dual-licensed ambulatory surgery center has opened in Colorado, thanks to a little-known CMS ruling that lets ASCs operate as timeshare properties. osmag.net/X7yuAA

More and more employer-based insurance plans are taking a cue from Medicare's bundled payment structure by offering surgical facilities flat fees for common procedures. osmag.net/D3hAJd

gastric Lap-Band

A woman who suffered severe complications due to poor implantation of her gastric Lap-Band can't blame the manufacturer's surgeon-training program for her injuries, a court recently ruled. osmag.net/BnyCD3

A suburban Philadelphia woman who had an unnecessary appendectomy due to a mistaken CT scan isn't sure whom to blame — the radiologist, the hospital or the surgeon. osmag.net/TnB3qW

safety checklists

CMS has some good news: The use of pre-surgical safety checklists is nearly universal among ambulatory surgical centers. osmag.net/JkF8Re

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