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A New Standard in Sinus Surgery
More surgeons want access to the precision and safety of image-guided navigation systems.
Brett Scotch
Publish Date: December 10, 2020   |  Tags:   ENT
CLOSE QUARTERS Image-guided navigation systems allow surgeons to confidently guide their instruments through difficult and distorted anatomy.   |   All photos provided by Brett Scotch

A few months ago, I operated on a patient with severe nasal polyps —a condition that caused significant discomfort and breathing issues. These polyps were recurrent from a previous surgery done by another surgeon who did not work with image-guided assistance. To clear out the sinuses and the nasal cavity, I performed a functional endoscopic approach and nasal polypectomy using image-guided technology to remove blockages in the sinuses and polyps in the nasal passages.

The difference in outcomes between the two procedures was night and day. The patient told me they couldn't recall ever breathing as well as they did after the follow-up surgery. They also reported the recovery was much easier the second time around.

Outcomes like this are a big reason why image-guided navigation systems are evolving into the standard of care for outpatient ENT surgery. Let's look at why this technology is worth every penny of the upfront investment for your facility.

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