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Great Ideas for your OR
OSD Staff
Publish Date: July 13, 2020   |  Tags:   News
Safer and Smoother Intubations

Safer and Smoother Intubations

Salmon Medical Innovation's DentaSafe Intubating Dental Guard is a single-use latex-free foam strip that provides a layer of protection between laryngoscope blades and a patient's upper teeth. Use it to prevent dental damage during intubation, especially in patients with small mouths and prominent teeth, by pressing a strip onto the flange of a laryngoscope blade. The strips, which can be applied to Miller and Macintosh laryngoscope blades, do not impede intubation attempts. Two strips come packaged in a peel pouch and feature blue tabs for easy application and removal.


Establish Airways With Ease\

Establish Airways With Ease

The McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA) was designed by an anesthesia provider to maintain an open airway, improve manual airway ventilation and solve common intubation challenges. It's made of soft, flexible material and is longer and smaller in diameter than traditional oral airways — features that lessen the likelihood of the patient waking up with a sore throat. The distal end of the MEA sits low on the pharynx and stents the airway open without the need for a jaw thrust or chin lift. The device's external flange helps to keep the device firmly in place and an optional connector can be attached to the anesthesia circuit to reduce surgical fire risks by limiting the amount of oxygen that escapes into the surgical field.


Establish Airways With Eas\e

A Touching Way to Show You Care

Stay connected with loved ones during busy days at work with Uncommon Goods' Long-Distance Touch Bracelet Set. Give one to your spouse or child and simply give it a tap anytime you're thinking about them. Each tap alerts the other bracelet to light up and vibrate. You can send up to 10 taps in one message, making it easy and fun to create your own secret code. The silicone bracelets are waterproof and rechargeable, and you can purchase additional bands for just $8 apiece in pink, blue, green and white. The best part? Your loved ones can easily return the favor, giving you a moment of joy during the longest of days.

uncommongoods.com/$98 per pair