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Solving Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Surgery is more effective than ever in helping patients overcome a frustrating and debilitating condition.
Adam Taylor
Publish Date: July 13, 2020   |  Tags:   Orthopedics
ADDED STABILITY An implant employing triangular titanium cages promotes immediate fixation to bone, leading to quicker immobilization of sacroiliac joints.

Patients with sacroiliitis often arrive at a physician's office at the end of the road. They're distraught and emotionally drained after suffering with lower back pain for years. They often feel as if they've run out of options after having sought help from multiple doctors without receiving a proper diagnosis. Thankfully, better evaluations and testing are allowing more patients to take advantage of underused implant systems that can end the pain they feel every time they sit, stand, sleep or simply try to get through their day.

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