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Worry-Free Sinus Surgery
Image-guided navigation improves surgical precision and safety during some of surgery’s most delicate procedures.
Jared Bilski | Managing Editor
Publish Date: June 30, 2021   |  Tags:   Patient Safety Surgical Video and Imaging ENT
Sinus Surgery
TO THE BRINK Image-guidance gives ENT surgeons the ability to track anatomical landmarks precisely in real-time and move their instruments to within 1-2 mm of extremely delicate anatomy, which ultimately leads to more complete sinus surgeries.   |   Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center

John C. Britt, MD, can remember when he would use image-guided navigation technology only for difficult or revision sinus surgery. Earlier versions of the technology weren't user-friendly and were time-consuming to set up, says Dr. Britt, a board-certified ENT-otolaryngologist at Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. But the technology — and the price point — have evolved greatly in recent years and the barriers to adoption have come crashing down as a result. "My threshold for usage has certainly been lowered, and I suspect that's the same for other surgeons, as well," says Dr. Britt.

In fact, Dr. Britt strongly encourages facilities performing ENT cases to invest in image-guided navigation systems if they haven't done so already. "It makes great sense for outpatient centers because surgeons are doing most of their sinus surgery in this setting, and it allows them to perform even difficult cases safely and effectively," he says.

We’re able to show our patients and our community that we have a state-of the-art center that’s committed to performing successful and safe surgery.
— John C. Britt, MD
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